We have all seen it, read it, & lived through it all, in the last several years, but Hugh Hewitt in chapter 6 of his new book-“Painting The Map Red”, documents the whole process to date.  The Left and their willing accomplices in the MSM, and in the judiciary, are bringing about a radical change in the definition of marriage.  Same-sex ‘marriage’ is a constant ‘drum beat’ that continues to gain ground through intimidation and by Judicial fiat.  No one is in favor of ‘real’ discrimination anymore, and many are willing to allow for same-sex partnership rights–“just don’t call it marriage”!  Meanwhile, those who want to maintain the traditional definition of marriage, as between a man & a woman, are designated as ‘bigots’ by many in the MSM. Those of us who have religious convictions, based upon the Bible, are portrayed as ‘fascists’ trying to impose a ‘theocracy’, which is just silly since we are not the ones trying to bring a change in this matter.

     It doesn’t seem to matter to these folks, that every single vote taken on the federal level & in the states, continues to support the traditional understanding.  Do we still have a government ‘of the people, by the people, and for the people’? Or are we now governed by elitist judges, leftist academicians, & the unelected MSM?  This November should be interesting!

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