An article in Cosmopolitan Magazine encouraged its readers to participate in Satanic ritual abortions.The women’s magazine even launched a social media campaign instructing pregnant women to how to do a ritualistic abortion titled: “So How Does a Satanic Abortion Ceremony Even Work?.”

The author even mocked Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito boldly suggesting what it might have been like if he had been aborted by his mother; noting that a Satanic abortion clinic in New Mexico.opened in February under the name “The Samuel Alito’s Mom’s Satanic Abortion Clinic.”

The article also suggested that Satanic abortion was an ‘game-changing twist‘and ‘activist’ answer to “breaking the religious right’s grip on abortion law.”

From a CBN article on this issue:

Former Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director turned pro-life activist Dr. Abby Johnson told CBN News “evil” is rampant in all abortion clinics.

“While the clinic was created and named to stir controversy and anger, it doesn’t cover the fact that evil runs rampant there – and in all abortion clinics. Satan loves nothing more than to attack the family and the most innocent among us in his effort to accumulate souls,” she said in a statment.

“Look no further than the chants this temple suggests as women take the abortion pills that will end the lives of their babies. I didn’t see the evil of abortion until I finally left Planned Parenthood. Now, it’s so obvious,” Johnson continued.

Response: It is really chilling that our culture has got to the point where some are even encouraging and supporting Satanic rituals. Actually the Como author is correct in one thing—abortion is supported by Satan and his demons. The Satanic Temple folks behind the abortion clinic are actually atheists that have no idea that they are playing with something real on the side of evil and do not seem to care that they are actually supporting ancient religious rituals in the process. Those involved seem to be OK with it as long as it is against the traditional Christian faith and religion which supports the pro-life position.

Time to pray for our nation and people and against the evil principalities and powers that are changing America and bringing it down. Lord, bring on a new awakening and revival all across America.

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