In Chapter Four of Hugh Hewitt’s new book- “Painting The Map Red”, Hugh documents the recent efforts by the left; including MSM pundits, Democratic leaders, Academics, and assorted leftist groups, in attacking mainstream Americans of ‘clear faith’, on a number of issues.  This chapter alone is worth the price of admission.

     The great divide is not really about whether one believes in God or not, most Americans do.  According to Dennis Prager, quoted extensively in this chapter, the great debate and divide is really over the Bible.  Those who believe that the Bible still has authority and is ‘Word of God’, approach life, morality, issues like abortion & marriage, different than those who look upon the Bible as merely, an important work from the past of human origin.

     Evangelical Christians & committed Catholics have found that they have a great deal in common and in the process have become a formidable group to be reckon with politically.  Frustrated by the results of the last three elections, some on the left have referred to committed believers as ‘fundamentalists’–as bad as the ‘Islamic extremists’, and ‘The American Taliban’.  Some have even implied that they hope that in the future they will be able to eliminate serious believers from public service, especially as judges. 


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