I can remember as a child seeing my first Frankenstein movie and being totally scared out of my mind. A Scientist creating a monster from spare human tissue patched together and enlivened. However reality is now even scarier. Scientists have just announced that they are able to create human sperm and eggs from stem cells.

As anything in the bio-tech world lately this development brings on mixed responses and raises a number of moral and ethical issues.

The new potential procedure is championed as a cure for infertility and could make it possible for those left sterile by cancer treatments to have children who are biologically their own.

Some scientists are even putting forth the possibility that this could allow gay couples to have children that are genetically theirs.

Then there is the scary possibility for developing a process from this technology for producing fetuses solely for experimental purposes and eventually even children who don’t really have any parents at all.

Response: Some things just should not be done. Kind of like Frankenstein.

Can you imagine a dictator similar to a ‘Hitler’ using this technology to produce a new army that no one would care about? Sort of like the ‘Clone Army’ in Star Wars—totally expendable with no relatives to care about them or morn their loss. Created to die? Some could even be raised up for spare parts—I think I saw that scary scenario in a Sci-Fi movie once.

The technology could make it possible for Gays to overcome nature and nature’s God and produce children of their own. Some would consider this progress—I wouldn’t.

One can even envision a new ‘Amazon Women’ culture where men are no longer needed at all –not even for propagation. After all men are trouble makers and have caused nearly every war in history—they could finally be eliminated. There are a few who would even consider this progress. 

Yes a brave new world is a head and not all of us find it comforting. In fact I find it even scarier that Halloween or anything that Hollywood can come up with.

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