Amnesty International is demanding that Mexico force doctors to perform abortions. The organization even held protests last week in Mexico City and Madrid, Spain criticizing the Mexican government for not forcing doctors to perform abortions for rape victims.

According to the article the protests were bought on by a reversal of Mexican Government policy:

The policy passed last July originally said that all health professionals were required to perform abortions for rape victims. However, the finalised version of the policy allows doctors the right to refuse to take part in abortions.

Response: Amnesty International presents itself as an organization that stands up for the civil and human rights of people all over the world.

According to the organization, Christian doctors who believe that abortion is wrong should have no rights, but should be forced to participate in abortions anyway?

When did abortion become an international civil and human right and ‘good’ that overrides all other rights including freedom of religion and the right to life?  Christians may want to rethink on any future contributions to this organization.         

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