Muslim leaders at the Organization of the Islamic Conference meeting this week in Senegal denounced the rise of ‘Islamophobia’ in the Western countries and called for tough measures and legal action to be taken against Western defamation of Islam.

The Muslims were angry at Western countries for allowing ‘freedom’ to include ‘cartoons’, films, documentaries, and articles which defame Muhammad and Islam.

Response: The Muslim leaders show a great misunderstanding of western culture and freedom. It is not illegal in the USA or in Europe to talk, write, or make films against any religion. Christianity has been subjected to all sorts of ‘bad press’ in the last few years. The Muslims are demanding that Islam be treated better than Christianity or any other religion or philosophy. They want to impose their own religious rules upon the West. This should not be allowed.

If the Muslim leaders want to decrease or eliminate ‘Islamophobia’ they should take care of their own back yard and eliminate and /or marginalize Islamic radicals and terrorists who commit violence in the name of Islam.  Fact: There was no ‘Islamophobia’ before 9/11/01.  

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