McDonald’s restaurant in Hacienda Heights, California has been redesigned and redecorated using the principles of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice of arranging objects and numbers to promote health, harmony and prosperity.

According to the original article (NLA):

“The basic principles of feng shui include placing strategic representations of five natural elements – earth, water, fire, metal and wood – around the room to increase the flow of chi, or energy.”

A feng shui master helped the designers make the necessary changes including repositioning the doors in a way that would block out bad spirits and keep the good ones inside according to the ancient practice and belief.

Response: I have actually stopped and eaten at that McDonald’s several times in the last couple of months without ever realizing that it had ‘feng shui’ decor. California is a melting pot for a large number of different cultures and communities. It is fascinating that diverse religious practice would actually affect something as ‘American’ as Big Mac, apple pie, and McDonald’s.

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