Pope Benedict baptized a 55-year-old, Egyptian-born -Magdi Allam at an Easter eve service that was broadcast around the world.

Now the new Christian convert is in danger of being under a death sentence?  Also, Muslims are said to be upset with the Pope over the event.

Response: Christians are free to become Muslims, however if Muslims become Christians it is worthy of a death sentence in Islam and many Muslim countries. It is so hard for Westerners to comprehend the radical thinking and one- sidedness within Islam. Most of us prefer to think that everyone in the world is as open minded as we are or at least should be.

It is really hard for me to understand why Muslims would be so critical of the Pope in this case. After all, Pope Benedict is a Christian leader who believes in and supports the spreading of Christianity to the whole world.

From a Christian perspective, if someone wants to convert to Christianity than they are more than welcome and it is a time to celebrate, even if they are Muslim. Actually, especially if they’re Muslim. 

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