Wow! The ACLU is suing a government subsidized Muslim charter school in Minnesota. According to state ACLU executive director Charles Samuelson:

“TIZA (The School) has received millions of dollars of taxpayer money to support what is, in essence, a private religious school.”

According to the article, students and staff are required to dress in Islamic attire and participate in Islamic Prayers which is supposedly forbidden in public schools. Also, the school has issued instructions to the staff and the students to keep secret and not discuss what goes on at the school.

Response: The Muslims are coming of age in America, welcome to the club. Usually the action and venom of the ACLU is reserved for any public display of the Christian religion.

For The first time that I can remember, I actually find myself in agreement with the ACLU. Public school funds should not be going towards funding what amounts to be a ‘madrassa’. Minnesota officials would have never supported a private Christian school with public funds–I don’t know what they were thinking!

Also, the school is named after Tarek ibn Ziyad who was the Muslim conqueror of Spain, the principal is an imam, and it is connected to the Muslim American Society which is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood. So not only is the school Muslim but it is connected to a radical Islamic group which is calling for sharia to be established in America.

It is really nice of Minnesotans to support this school and their agenda with public funds. I wonder if Christian schools in the state could now apply for some of the public money also?  No, I didn’t think so!            

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