Hold the presses, call back the recent discrimination bill that Congress passed, call your Congress Rep. and Senators –there is a new victim class of people that need protection—‘Ginger’ folks–with red hair and freckles.

Recently 11 red-haired students at a Calabasas California middle school were beat up during an unofficial “Kick a Ginger Day” where several students took a page from the South Park television show and began picking on red headed boys and girls.

It seems like a joke but not so to those who were picked on. One girls mother told news reporters that her daughter had her hair dyed brown in response to all of the hazing.

Incredibly, two 12-year olds and a 13 year old were arrested because of the incident. I’m sure their parents aren’t laughing as they find it necessary to lawyer up and empty out their bank accounts during the holiday season to protect their little darlings.

One issue in this case that took it out of the School’s jurisdiction was the use of an Internet social site -Facebook- by the ring leaders to plan, publicize, and encourage other students to  participate in their assault on the ‘Gingers’.

Apparently this is not the first case of ‘Ginger’ hazing at schools around the country and in Canada.

I can testify to that. As a red head kid with freckles growing up and going to middle school nearly 50 years ago I was mercilessly picked on way before the South Park episode. However when I was growing up it was only the red-headed boys that were on the receiving end, the Girls with red hair were considered ‘cute’.

For many of us, particularly boys, Junior High or Middle school was the worst time of our lives as everyone noticed every flaw and made it an object of ridicule. Believe me having ultra white skin seemed to be the very worst background for displaying red pimples.

I wonder where all these helpful teachers and police were when I was getting hazed as a kid. It took me years to overcome the trauma and gain back some confidence so believe me when I say –this is really no joke to the victims. However, arresting a bunch of kids does seem to be rather over the top. I would hope that teachers, administrators, and parents could actually correct and teach the children instead.

After all, here in California the students are taught early not to discriminate against gays maybe they can add a ‘Be nice to Gingers Day’ to the already crowded PC educational mix.           

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