The left in this country has been involved in the politicization of our public schools for some time now. It all started a generation ago when prayer was taken out of the schools. One only has to look at the leftist issues that the NEA is pushing to understand how much the progressives have targeted and have taken control of the public education in the USA. The national teacher union is pro-abortion and is pushing for LGBTQ introduction, education, and indoctrination of children at all ages and levels in public schools regardless of parental views.

In essence, the left is trying to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren in progressive ideals and PC doctrines designed to change America in one generation. In the educational process, the goal is to teach and reward leftist ideals while conservative views and stands are censored, ridiculed, and even penalized. Particularly traditional Christian Biblical views. Also in the process, parental input is being discouraged, and parental permission to involve children in controversial activities and issues is no longer solicited and in some cases parental rights are increasingly being ignored.

Here’s a couple of examples of what I am talking about. Several years ago a first grade class in San Francisco went on a field trip that was considered to be a ‘teachable’ moment- attending a lesbian wedding conducted at City Hall and officiated by the mayor who is now the governor of California. Also there have been several cases now where school officials have helped a minor child go through a transgender change without parental consent.

Fortunately the schools are still largely under local control and school boards and officials are still subject to elections. Plus there are still thousands of good conservative and Christian teachers doing their best to properly educated our children in public schools. However, state legislatures are increasingly passing laws that are changing the local school environment and defining the public school curriculums that the teachers have to work with.

California in particular is leading the way in requiring the public schools in the state to accept progressive ideals particularly LGBTQ doctrines starting with the first grade curriculum. Also, now in California public schools children according to state law can determine on any given day what gender they want to be and what name they want to go by all without parental consent.

The fact is, parents are often caught off-guard and shocked by what their children are being taught in schools. Then when they complain to school officials their concerns are ignored or minimalized. Some parents have even found it necessary to secure legal counsel in order to keep their children from being forced to participate in activities and teaching that is in opposition to their religious beliefs.

Christian parents in particular need to become more aware of what their children are actually being taught in public schools. It is their right to know what their children are being subjected to regardless of how school officials may initially respond. More Christian parents need to stand up and be counted before it is too late.

Here’s an excellent article written a few years ago by Dr. Michael Brown on this same issue: “An Activist Educator Says That Teaching Is Political

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