Here is an incredible story from a western perspective. A woman, who is domestic servant, is accused of witchcraft by the lady of the house and arrested for witchcraft. Apparently witchcraft is a capital offence in Saudi Arabia.

The woman of the house claimed that the maid was ‘bewitching’ her husband. The Saudi ‘religious police’ found “talismans and products of charlatanism” when they searched the maids quarters. If she is found guilty of witchcraft, the woman will face the death penalty according to Sharia law which is the law of the land in Saudi Arabia.

Comments: One cannot make stories like this up. There is such a disconnect for those of us in the western world that it is hard to believe that witch hunts are still going on and the guilty are being killed. Chalk it up to another example of the huge cultural divide between Islamic countries and the rest of the world, particularly those of us in America and Western nations.    

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