A 19 year old Saudi woman, who was the victim of gang rape, was sentenced to receive 200 lashes and 6 months in jail for being in the company of men who were not her relatives. The decision was rendered by the General Court in the Saudi city of Qatif.

The Justice System in Saudi Arabia is administered according to the kingdom’s strict interpretation of Islamic Sharia law. The 7 rapists also received jail sentences (ranging from 2-9 years) which is not always the case. Also, the woman’s lawyer was suspended from practicing law and has been ordered to face a disciplinary hearing. He is said to be in trouble for publicizing the case and bringing it to the attention of the Western media.

Comments: This is another example of the major disconnect and ‘culture clash’ between Western countries and Islamic nations. This is shocking to Westerners. However, rulings like this are common and considered normal wherever there is ‘Sharia Law’. Literally one can find a case like this being reported somewhere every day. Many times the rape victim is later killed by her own relatives for bringing ‘shame’ upon the family, with little or no penalty for the murderers.

Some Muslims in Europe and Canada are pushing for Sharia Law to be allowed in their communities as a substitute for the national justice system. Even in America, recently one university student was hoping for Sharia to be ‘imposed’ upon her nation. Well take a good look, this is what they are hoping for.    

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