Catholic bishops from the state of Orissa warned this week that Hindu extremists apparently have a “master plan” to drive Christianity out of the eastern Indian state. So far, some 50,000 Christians have been displaced from their homes in the last couple of months of anti-Christian violence in Orissa.

Plus, the state authorities have made no arrests and taken no action against the ‘radicals’ which seems to indicate that the dominant political party in the state is at least somewhat involved in the process:

“Hindu Fundamentalist groups have been trying to name the communal violence as an Ethnic Conflict between the Tribals and the Pano Christians. A cursory look at facts reveals that this conflict is a calculated and pre-planned master plan to wipe out Christianity from Kandhamal district, Orissa, in order to realize the hidden agenda of Sangh Parivar of establishing a Hindu Nation.”

There are also reports that rewards are being handed out for eliminating the Christian community and leaders in particular:

“People are being offered rewards to kill, and to destroy churches and Christian properties.”

“Different tasks have different rewards. They are being offered foreign liquor, chicken, mutton and weapons. They are being given petrol and kerosene.”

“The going price to kill a pastor is $250 US dollars. All of the pastors are high value targets.”

Response: More political pressure needs to be placed upon the national Indian government to respond. The national authorities need to protect the lives and homes of Christians under threat from ultra-nationalist Hindus. Also, relief aid is needed now for the displaced Christians before more die. The Federal government of India must be encouraged to take action to contain the violence, before it spreads to other states,   

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