Illinois pharmacists are legally challenging Governor Blagojevich’s executive order that forces them to dispense “emergency contraception”, like the ‘Morning-after pill’, against their wills. The pharmacists are suing because the order violates their religious beliefs against dispensing abortifacients.

According to Brian Rooney of the Thomas More Law Center , the governor’s order violates a law already in place to protect the pharmacists:

“There is a law in Illinois that allows pharmacists and pharmacies to allow their rights to conscience to take precedence over these kinds of things.”

“When you have a duly enacted statute of law by the legislature, it always takes precedence over an executive order.”

Gov. Blago’s executive order is causing considerable trouble in the industry. Pharmacists are losing their jobs over refusing to dispense medications which violate their deeply held religious and moral beliefs. Rooney is hoping that the lawsuit which they are supporting will quickly resolve this issue.

Response: This is a problem that pharmacists in nearly every state are facing. Some drug stores are forcing their employees to follow through against their beliefs. Freedom of religion and conscience is at issue and many want to disregard the rights of individuals in favor of commerce. Throw in a progressive agenda that liberal politicians buy in to and you have the beginnings of oppression and persecution.

Doctors and nurses are beginning to face a similar situation in regards to abortion. Some hospitals are trying to force their employees to participate in procedures which are against their consciences.  

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