This is another one of those stories that no one would dare to make up–it is way too ridiculous!  In an interview on Al-Majd Television, Islamic cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid condemned cartoons that had mice in them, particularly Disney’s Mickey Mouse:

“Mickey Mouse has become an awesome character, even though according to Islamic law, Mickey Mouse should be killed in all cases.”

“The shari’a refers to the mouse as ‘little corrupter,’ and says it is permissible to kill it in all cases. It says that mice set fire to the house, and are steered by Satan. The mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers.”

Response: This would be funny except the sheikh is totally serious. –Mickey Mouse is one of Satan’s soldiers?–lol–say it ain’t so!  Also, note that Al-Munajid once served as a diplomat in the Saudi embassy in Washington—now that is not funny at all.           

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