Chaudhry Rashid, a Pakistani man in Jonesboro, Ga., is charged with killing his daughter who had recently been married but wanted out of the marriage. This would have  brought considerable ‘dishonor’ to the family.

Search the articles on this murder and you will be hard pressed to find any Muslim connection mentioned. Such ‘honor killings’ are quite prevalent in Muslim countries and usually religiously excused. But this one is in the USA.

Robert Spencer, who writes about the dangers of Islamic extremists on his site -Jihad Watch, says that he is stunned by the muted reactions to the story:

“We’ve let people into the country who believe it is justified for them to kill their daughters if they’ve sullied the honor of their family, and nobody is even facing the problem. Everybody is making excuses for it and saying it’s not an Islamic problem, so the Islamic roots of it are unchallenged,”

He contends that American liberals seem to be more concerned about Christian fundamentalists who would limit the abortion rights than immigrants or visitors who oppress the rights of women in their own families due to Islamic traditions:

“Feminists seem to be more concerned about preserving their right to an abortion than about people who are doing things that are much more threatening to the equality of rights of women than anything the Christian fundamentalists are doing,”

Response: This is one of those stories that was largely down played by the press because they do not want to be charged with being guilty of ‘Islamophobia’.

Stories like this are quite common in the Muslim community in the UK. As the Muslim community continues to grow in the USA, you can expect and look forward to many more such ‘honor killings’ in the future. Most of them will also be substantially ignored by the MSM.  

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