It is becoming common for MSM (Main Stream Media) and academics to lump serious Jewish and Christians with radical Muslims as all part of the problem. While there are thousands of instances of violence perpetrated by radical Muslims, writers are hard pressed to come up with a couple of examples of violent acts by Jewish and Christian ‘radicals’.

Nevertheless, the secularists see the traditional world views of all three religions as a problem and equally dangerous and leading to violence and hate.

Now, exactly what are the world views that these secularists find so objectionable? It really boils down to the absolutes that all serious Christians believe in. There is a God. There is a right and a wrong, there is good and evil in this world. These are the ‘dangerous views’ that supposedly cause all the trouble according to the MSM and liberal academics.

This really does sound very similar to the objections raised against religion made in all of the recent atheist best sellers.

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