A study by the Barna Group shows that atheists and agnostics consider ‘radical Christianity’ as just as great a threat as ‘radical Islam’.

Actually this probably is to be expected. If you have heard any of the famous atheists lately on radio or TV, or if you have browsed through or read any of the popular atheist books like The End of Faith, The God Delusion, or God Is Not Great, you will quickly notice that Christianity gets blamed for a whole lot of bad stuff and never gets credit for doing any good.

My question is this: Where are all the ‘Christian’ suicide bombers and terrorists? After all, if radical Christians are just as big a threat as radical Islamists, one would expect Christians to be blowing up Mosques and rioting when crosses are displayed in urine! Exactly who and where are all those ‘radical Christians’ anyway? Also, where are all the Christian ‘fatwas’ against Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens?

Instead, what you will find is thousands of Christians reading their books (like myself) and helping to put them on the NY Times best sellers list. Then there are the very civilized but sometimes heated discussions, dialogues, and continuing debates between Christian scholars and these atheist writers. Does anyone really think that the controversy would be handled this way in the Muslim world?               

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