All across the nation today, gay activists are picketing and demonstrating in front of Mormon temples, houses of worship, and LDS owned businesses. Yesterday, ‘white powder’ was mailed and received at a number of LDS temples.

What brought all this on–all this reaction against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

There is the perception that the Mormon Church bankrolled the passage of Proposition 8–the traditional marriage amendment in California, ending Same-sex marriage in the state.

Even the NY Times has come out with an article saying that the LDS tipped the scale in support of Prop.8. Actually the article is one of the most slanted pieces that I have ever read. It leaves out a number of important facts:

     1. Black churches were nearly unanimous in their support of the amendment and it passed 70/30 in black areas–that was the real ‘tipping-point’ in the election. Blacks who came out in support of Obama for President, also supported Prop.8 (70%+) and put it over the top.

     2. Catholics, particularly the Knights of Columbus, gave $ millions to the campaign for Prop.8 and helped in getting the vote out.

     3. Evangelical Christians also gave $ millions in support and in volunteer time for the Prop.

The proposition probably would not have passed if any one of these groups had not supported it in the way that they did–particularly the black community.

Why then are the gay activists picking on the Mormons?  Probably because they are the easiest and the safest group to go after.

After all, LDS make up only 2% of the population in California and aren’t all that popular with the other supporters of the Prop.–Catholics, Evangelicals, or black Christians. 

Can you imagine what would happen if a bunch of ‘gay activists’ went to south central L.A. and picketed and screamed at folks out in front of black churches?         

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