I found this video on Michelle Malkin’s blog. It shows the San Francisco police department  protecting and escorting a group of Christians out of the Castro District in San Francisco, CA. It’s only 4 minutes and 45 seconds long but it seems to last forever–actually viewing it for a minute is probably more than enough to get the idea.

The event happened last Friday night in the Castro District, a predominantly gay community in the city of San Francisco, California. The group of Christian young people had been conducting a street ministry every Friday night for quite some time in the Castro district–talking to people about Jesus and how the Lord loves them and can change lives. Also, they would usually sing worship songs and pray over the community.

Last Friday night was different, as they proceeded with their street ministry, a mob formed and began to assault the group in a number of different ways–pushing, hitting, pouring drinks over them, then it escalated towards perversion as the group formed a circle and prayed.

The Police finally showed up and the video records them protecting and escorting the Christians out of the Castro neighborhood with continual shouts and warnings from the mob not to come back–“Christians are not welcome here”.

Response: The response to the passage of Proposition 8–(the Traditional Marriage amendment), has turned a new page with gay activists declaring war on Christians. Those who have demanded tolerance have now themselves become intolerant.

With a sympathetic press and media in tow, the intolerant gay activists are learning quickly that there are no ‘politically correct’ consequences to their radical activism. All of the recent actions against churches, Christian groups, or individual Christians and their property have one thing in common–no arrests!

Evangelicals, and other allied religious groups like conservative Catholics and Mormons, are the only minorities in America not protected by ‘hate crime’ penalties and legislation. Again–has a page has been turned and is it now ‘open-season’ on Christians in America?    

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