Iraqi Christians are facing serious persecution from Islamic radicals. Neither the Iraqi government nor the American forces seem to be able to protect them. Thousands have left their homes and fled the country and many churches have closed. Read all the details in the following news story:

“A militant Islamic group in Iraq recently issued a fatwa, or religious edict, to the Assyrian Christian residents of the Baghdad suburb of Dora: Convert to Islam within 24 hours, or face death. At the same time, Muslim neighbors were instructed, over the loudspeakers of local mosques, to confiscate the property of Christians and enforce the edict.” …Read the rest of the story…


If this is the way it is with 100,000 American and British troops in the country, what would it be like for the Iraqi Christians if we left. Where are all the supposed Iraqi government police and army troops that we’re training anyway? Obviously Western Christians need to be seriously praying for all their Iraqi brethren.

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