According to the court statement by Khalid Sheik Mohammed, he was involved in planning an Al Qaeda operation which targeted former American Presidents for assassination (See: pages 18-19, #10). The fascinating part is that he specifically mentions President Carter.

The liberal intelligentsia including: MSM writers, educators, and left leaning politicians; are constantly telling us that we need to talk with these Islamic fanatics and search for common ground…that we need to start supporting the Palestinians more than the Israelis…that if only their economic situation was improved then the terror would end…that the real problem is the despotic political structures they live in…that everything would be better if they only got to know us better.
In some ways I would like to agree with some the statements above, they sound so reasonable and my Christian ideals push me to hope for a peaceful solution. However, the intelligentsia continues to discount or even completely disregard the religious component to Islamic terror. They probably don’t get it because religion is relatively unimportant in their own lives. However, these folks are ready to die for Allah and to spread their religion. All of our Western attitudes and perspectives on the nature of the terrorists fly in the face of reality when it comes to the Islamo-fascists of Al Qaeda.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed went to college in the USA, as did many officials in Al Qaeda. All of the 9/11 hijackers lived among us for several years. Some in San Diego where I spend a lot of time. Most of those in Al Qaeda came from wealthy and upper middle families. None of the leaders were ever poor; they were all educated people of some means. For them, the conversation is over, they don’t like us, but particularly they don’t like our culture and our religion or lack there of. Their goal is to form a dominant Islamic superpower that imposes Islam upon the whole world and eliminates the USA, the West, and all other religions.

The best example that I can give that the intelligentsia and many of us have misunderstood the ‘War on Terror’, is found in Khalid’s own words. They planned specifically to assassinate Pres. Carter.

Jimmy Carter personifies all of the best hopes of the Western left. He has spent his life conversing with leaders in the Middle East, trying to bring peace to the region. Further, he supports the Palestinians and has been rather anti-Israel lately. Finally, he is against the war in all of its parts. He should be one of their Western heroes. Yet, Al Qaeda targets Jimmy of all people?

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