As Muslim populations have grown in Western Europe and North America, so has polygamy. All Western nations have existing laws against bigamy and polygamy but many jurisdictions are beginning to recognize polygamous marriages that were already in place prior to immigration. 

It is estimated that there are more than 2,000 polygamous families in the UK, between 14,000-20,000 harems in Italy, 30,000+ harems in France, and 50,000-100,000 polygamists in the United States.

Some Muslim imams openly acknowledge that they continue to conduct polygamous marriage ceremonies–that Islam is above the laws in the country they reside in.

According to an article by Daniel Pipes, many are tolerating Islamic polygamy, some courts have even refused to enforce the laws, and government offices have issued additional social and welfare benefits to accommodate the extended families.

Response: Traditional marriage is already under assault in Western countries. Many couples are not bothering to legalize their relationship, others go from one marriage to another, and lately there is the specter of same-sex couples clamoring to have their relationships recognized.

Now in the name of tolerance, Islamic polygamy is being promoted nearly at the same time that FLDS polygamous parents are in court trying to get their children back. There are inconsistencies to say the least.

Traditional marriage and family was a major part of the foundation that Western civilization was built upon in the first place. One wonders if we are observing the beginning of the end for the West as we know it.  

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