Celebrate! Celebrate! Listen to the music! (repeat). Some have questioned, whether it is right for Christians to celebrate the death of any human being, even an enemy like Al-Zarqawi? After all, didn’t Jesus tell us to love our enemies? I thought about this for about two whole seconds, then continued singing: Celebrate! Celebrate! Listen to the music! (repeat again).

Let’s put this guy in context: Zarqawi was the one who personally spent 7 minutes slicing off the head of Nicolas Berg and many others. He bombed hotels in Jordan, blew up the ‘Golden Dome’ Shiite Mosque, and killed thousands of Shiite Iraqis. They are dancing in the streets in Shiite neighborhoods. Just in the last couple of weeks: he had 17 Shiites beheaded and placed their heads in fruit boxes along the highway, he stopped a school bus and executed the 21 Shiite students while letting the 3 Sunni’s live. We could go on and on, with this glorious epitaph. Bottom line, this guy was evil incarnate- he was an enemy of his own people, an enemy of Westerners, an enemy of Christians, and an enemy of God. What else can you say about a person who does such evil deeds in the name of his god? He is an enemy of the one true God!

Under these circumstances, how does one respond to the commandment to ‘love your enemies’? One way, is to pray for the people, and pray that the Gospel will be spread once more across the Middle East. I think it was Ann Coulter who was criticized several years ago for suggesting that the Middle East would be better off if they all became Christians. I say amen to that! I am praying that some major Al-Qaeda leader is converted, like Paul, an enemy who becomes an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was hoping for someone like Zarqawi, but now he has gone on to his ‘reward’. clip_image001Praise The Lord!

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