The Chronicles of Eurabia continues. The Muslim dominated Malmö suburb of Rosengård, Sweden has become such a dangerous center of Islamic unrest that the police have hired a private security firm to protect the local police station. The station and the police had been a continuing target of fireworks, vandalism and stone-throwing Islamic youths.

Malmo has been at the center of Muslim unrest in Sweden, just google ‘Malmo’ and check out all the recent articles.

Response: The Swedish like many Europeans were happy to receive the Muslim immigrants at first. The problem is that those in the West fail to understand that Islam is far from being just another religion–it is at its core a way of life. A way of life which is in many ways at odds with much of the free societies that it is transplanted in.

Moderate Muslims who attempt to adapt and get along seem to be increasingly in the minority in the Islamic communities of Europe. So many of the mosques are dominated by extremists who actually sow unrest and conflict  among the European Muslims, particularly the youth.

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