The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a lawsuit Friday (10/3/08) in U.S. district court, over The National Day of Prayer.

The suit argues that the president’s yearly proclamations calling on and encouraging Americans to pray every year for the country on the first Thursday of May, violates a constitutional ban on endorsing religion.

Response: This is another one of those nuisance lawsuits that are filed in order to get religion totally out of the public square. Forget the fact that the founding fathers asked the entire nation to pray for them while they were writing the constitution in the first place, started each day with prayer, and took breaks for special prayer when the going got tough. 

Somehow according to these geniuses, the Constitution that was the product of continual prayer really doesn’t allow prayer after all? After 130+ years of the Congress and the Supreme Court starting each day with prayer, and 43 different Presidents asking for prayer now it is supposedly against the Constitution? Not!     

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