Only in San Francisco would an elementary school sponsor a field trip for 1st graders to attend a lesbian wedding. The 18 first graders,  ages 5 and 6, were taken to San Francisco City Hall to witness the wedding of their teacher and her lesbian partner, an event which the principal of the school characterized as “a teachable moment.”

San Francisco’s pro-homosexual mayor, Gavin Newsom, officiated at the wedding as the event was turned into a publicity stunt with some of the children actually wearing “No on 8” campaign buttons.

Supporters of California’s pro-marriage amendment, prop. 8, have referred to the highly publicized trip as an inappropriate ‘indoctrination of young children’.

Response: I really did think that this was a joke at first, you just can’t make stuff like this up. I agree–this is an inappropriate  ‘indoctrination of young children’.

Also, using the children as part of some “No on 8” event is unforgivable. Can you image the outrage if a school sponsored a trip to a church for 1st graders to observe a traditional wedding between a man and woman with all sorts of “yes on 8” buttons and banners being displayed?  

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