The Amish community has been building sturdy homes, barns, and structures for several hundred years. Now a judge has ruled that 8 men must stand trial for violating building codes in Morristown Town, N.Y. 

The Amish men do not deny the charges nor do they wish to comply with the codes which they say would violate their religious convictions.

A public defender attempted to get the case dismissed, but Morristown Town Judge James Phillips Jr. ordered the case to trial saying that the Amish must comply with the township codes—-that the Amish must abide by the requirements for smoke alarms and engineer-approved and submitted building designs.

Response: This is a case of ‘nanny state’ and judicial oligarchy vs. the freedom of religion. After all, what and who is really harmed by the Amish building and living in their own structures like they have been doing for hundreds of years? It really is a form of bigotry and religious persecution.  

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