There were two acts of murder/terrorism this week in America, but the media responded in very different ways to each—the coverage was definitely not ‘fair and balanced’.

1. The Murder of Dr. Tiller in Wichita, Kansas

On Sunday came the word that Dr. George Tiller, the controversial late-term abortionist, had been shot and killed while attending church. Immediately the MSM went into an attack mode and soon the suspect was referred to as a domestic ‘terrorist’ connected to the Pro-life movement, a right–wing Christian, and the product of Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and conservative talk radio.

Almost immediately Pres. Obama released a statement that he was “outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller” and decried “heinous acts of violence” over difficult issues like abortion.

Every channel and every news show carried the story, it was front page news on every Monday morning newspaper across America. The pundits went crazy over the story in the editorial sections—blaming the whole pro-life movement and every conservative they could quote on Dr. Tiller from the past. It still hasn’t died down.

Worst of all, Attorney General Holder issued orders for every abortion clinic and controversial doctor across America to be protected from any related acts of organized terrorism. Forget the fact that the shooting of Dr. Tiller was done by an isolated nutcase individual that was condemned by every pro-life group, church, and right-wing whatever in the whole country.

2. The Jihadi attack against an Arkansas Military Recruitment Center

The second event happened on Monday, you may or may not have even heard about. The story was not carried by the big three TV networks, only Fox had it. You would be lucky to find it on page 15 in the 1st or 2nd section of the newspaper. The sum total of most of the coverage went something like this: “A individual gunman opened fire in a Military Recruitment Center in Little Rock, Arkansas killing one soldier and wounding a second. The gunman who is under arrest is said to be against the war in the Middle East.”

The story was treated like it was a local news event rather than a national story. It was only after Fox picked it up, Rush and talk radio exposed it, and conservative bloggers covered the story that all the facts about this second terrorist event became known—no thanks to the MSM for sure.

Pres. Obama finally got around to making a limp statement today on Wednesday—two days later: “I am deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence against two brave young soldiers” –no mention of outrage or terrorism.

Here are the facts as we now know them:

The gunman who attacked the Military Recruitment Center in Little Rock was a converted Muslim by the name of Abdul Hakim Mujahid Muhammad, who recently returned to the US from Yemen where he received Jihadi training. He specifically targeted the Military center because he opposes the US Military for killing Muslims in the Middle East. It now comes out that he had plans to attack a number of different targets.

While Muhammad is not officially connected with any organization, Muslim groups in the USA have been silent about the event. Also, Muslims and clerics around the world who do hear about it on their media are celebrating the attack and killing of one American solder and the wounding of another.

Response: The murderer of Dr. Tiller has been cast as a domestic terrorist by a willing media and so he is. Muhammad on the other hand has been called an ‘individual gunman’ by the media though he actually trained to be a terrorist and fully intended the attack to be just that.

The media, the President, and especially AG Holder cast Tiller’s murderer as a member of the pro-life movement even though every single pro-life group condemns the murder. They want to blame it on right-wing leaders, talk radio, and etc. even though no one supports it.

The media, the President, and authorities have been careful not to identify Muhammad as a Muslim though he is. They identify him as a ‘lone individual gunman’ even though he trained with others to be a terrorist and millions of Muslims actually celebrate his act of terror.

Will the real terrorist please stand up! When it comes to terrorism, who would you more likely be afraid of, pro-life radicals or Muslim Jihadists?

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