Muslim leaders in America are mostly silent when it comes to LGBTQ issues. When same-sex marriage was being debated in this country Imams, mosques, and Islamic organizations did not join with the opposition even though Islam is vehemently opposed to homosexuality; which is clearly demonstrated in the treatment of homosexuals in Muslim dominated countries. We have contended all along that the reason for this was to maintain the support coming from the left.

Now Australia is in the middle of debating same-sex marriage and again Muslims have been silent but at least one leader has now come out and has admitted the real reason for their secrecy. From ABC News AU:

Observers of the same-sex marriage debate will have noticed the voice of one particular community has been largely missing from the fray: Muslims.  …

But now one Muslim leader has offered an explanation.

Last night on ABC’s The Drum, Ali Kadri, spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said his community was stuck with the choice of offending allies or siding with critics, and the result had been silence.

“Unfortunately, in the current climate, the right and conservative side has attacked Muslims as terrorists and extremists, and naturally the left side has been allies in defending us for a long period of time,” he said.

“We are afraid if we come out with our opinion then the left may abandon us for going against their view and we can’t be friendly with the conservatives because they have been bashing us for 15, 20 years every chance they get … and that includes some Christian sects as well.”

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Response: American Muslims have mostly been silent about LGBTQ issues and in several cases have even implied support that was not based on any kind of real action or official teaching. In Islam it is a storied tradition that lying is justifiable if it ultimately promotes the cause and spread of their religion.

Fact is, Muslim teaching is even more radical in its opposition and treatment of homosexuality than any other religion including Christianity. Nearly all of the Muslim countries in the Middle East still have laws against practicing homosexuality and some proscribe jail time and even death for those who are caught. 

Yet on a couple of occasions I have read American Muslim leaders claim that they do not oppose LGBTQ rights and maybe so; but they are for sure religiously opposed to the LGBTQ lifestyles including same-sex marriage. Now we have at least one Muslim leader in Australia admitting that Muslims have been quiet on the issue of same–sex marriage in order to maintain their support from the left.

It’s really a strange combine of allies when the bedfellows include activists on the left and adherents of Islam. The left in America and Western countries have come to  identify their greatest opposition in the cultural wars as being conservative Christians. Yet the teachings of Islam on most cultural issues would naturally put Muslims to the right of conservative Christians but the left continues to champion Islam as an anti-Christian ally.

Meanwhile, conservative Christians, who are at the forefront of calling attention to the dangers of Muslim teaching, terrorism, and the incompatibility of the sharia law component of Islam with the Western culture and constitutional democracy, are identified by the left as haters and purveyors of Islamophobia.

Then folks on the left in their push for ‘diversity’ see Islam and Muslims as a positive force to balance out and decrease the power of conservative Christians. So they call Islam the ‘Religion of Peace’ to mediate the stain of Islamic terrorism, and continue to support an increase in Muslim immigration, along with combatting ‘slanderous’ free speech that is critical of Islam and its teachings. No wonder Muslim leaders would rather be quiet about some of their traditional teachings which are the exact opposite of PC progressive thought.

What is really amazing to me is how leftists go out of their way to excuse the unequal treatment of women in Islam. Even more astounding, in a generation when Confederate statues are being destroyed, is the near total silence from the media and the left on the fact that slavery is still tolerated in Islam and legal in some Muslim countries. No wonder Muslim leaders are silent when they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by their subterfuge.  (Posted also on my other website:Apologetica Blog)

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