Yesterday I posted on the news that San Diego Country code enforcement bureaucrats were demanding that a home Bible study stop meeting unless they get a permit—which the county office obviously has no intention of issuing in the first place. As I noted, this is harassment and tantamount to religious persecution since there are all sorts of social, secular, and business groups that make a practice of meeting also in homes and the county has made no move to regulate them.

San Diego County has 1,000’s of churches and most of them sponsor home fellowships, Bible studies, and prayer meetings in homes all over San Diego.  With a population of over 3,001,072, there are no doubt 1,000’s of different religious groups meeting in homes every week.

This is my proposal: What if all the members from 1,000’s of Bible groups all over San Diego County ‘came out of the closet’ and flooded the county offices with calls turning themselves in all at once and defied the Bureaucrats to do anything about it!

I am talking about rising up and being counted! What are they going to do? It is easy for them to pick on one pastor and his wife, but if 1,000’s rose up and publically defied the county they literally wouldn’t have the time or resolve to do anything about it.

They don’t have enough code officers to cite everyone nor enough lawyers and funds to handle all of the resulting lawsuits. They would undoubtedly be forced to back off and back down.

If the county chooses to pursue this policy anyway, 1,000’s could join together in a class action suit against them. What would they do then?

What if the County Supervisors also received 1,000’s of phone calls protesting this action—what would they do and how would they react? After all they are ‘politicians’.

Christians—it is time to rise up and be counted together while we still can-or- slowly fade into the night alone! Pastors are you listening? You could be next on their list! SD County cannot be allowed to get away with this!

This has got to stop now!!!           

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