Disney Studios, 2006, 140 min., Starring:  Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira knightley.

Those who liked the first ‘Pirates’ will enjoy the continuing story in #2.  Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are getting married, Lord Beckett of the East India Trading Co., invades with a myriad of Red Coats and breaks up the wedding, arresting the couple for treason–that is in this case, helping Captain Jack Sparrow escape justice.  Will makes a deal with Lord whatever, to bring back Jack and his magic compass, which Beckett covets.

Actually, the story gets somewhat convoluted from there, it seems like everyone wants Jack.  Beckett wants Jack, Will wants Jack, An Island full of cannibals want Jack, Davy Jones wants Jack, and the Cracken (sea monster) also wants Jack.  Jack wants Will and Davy Jones Chest. Elizabeth wants Will and her freedom, and maybe Jack too.  Oh yes, everyone also wants Davy Jones chest, including Davy himself.  The story line is too complex to explain, you have to see it.  Like most #2 films in a trio, the story is left unresolved anyway.

This film is much darker than the first, and there many more scary and downright revolting/disgusting sights and scenes.  Parents should really take the PG-13 rating seriously.  However, all is done in the same good humor that blessed the first movie.

Johnny Depp continues his mastery of the ‘Captain Jack’ role and leaves one hoping for more.  Personally, I am not a Depp fan, but this characterization is special.  Orlando and Keira are back and add to the fun, but everything revolves around Captain Jack.  However, Will does meet his father, who is enslaved to Davy Jones.  The ‘elder’ Turner does all he can to save his son from Davy, and Will dedicates himself to rescuing his dad.  Keira obviously wants Will, but at the end of this episode, you are left wondering how much she really likes Jack.  Stay tuned, all will be resolved next summer in ‘Pirates’ #3.

The religious content is interesting and diverse.  The cannibals worship Jack, a Voodoo lady is sought out for counsel.  Davy Jones is a demonic character who offers an extra hundred years of life in exchange for ones soul.  However, serving him for a hundred years leaves a lot to be desired.  One sailor is offered the ‘hundred year bargain’ and wisely chooses to go to his death instead- making the sign of a cross.  Davy retorts: “life is hard, why should the after-life be any better?”.  In another interesting scene, two sailors are coming toward the shore in a row boat, one picks up the bible and attempts to read it, even though the other sailor points out that he doesn’t even know how to read.  The first one replies that you get credit for trying, anyway since they are no longer immortal (as in the first movie) they should be concerned about their souls and the after-life.  Souls and the after-life are referred to repeatedly in this movie.   However, not necessarily from a Christian perspective.

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