American ‘out of wedlock’ births now exceed 40%. A real indicator that the nation and the dominant culture is headed at full steam away from Christianity or so it would seem. At least poof positive that America is sliding away from the moral foundations that made it great. Last week, a poll confirmed that the fastest growing religious category in America is “none”, and now this statistic.

I find it ironic that the gays are pushing for marriage at the very time when ‘heteros’ are rejecting it. More importantly, how will this affect the generation of kids growing up? This cannot be good. It is hard enough to raise a family with two dedicated parents.

Now we have a generation of celebrities and octo-moms who don’t bother to get married and have kids right and left with no thought about how they are going to be cared for and raised. Like children are some kind of fashion statement. But what happens when the going gets tough, who will be there to help?

I would imagine that the statistics for the Christians in America is only slightly better. Unfortunately this same trend in the dominant culture seems to extend into the Christian community also. Now is the time for the faithful Biblical church to stand up and walk a different path. America is slip-sliding away and it is time for the church to stand up and lead in an entirely different direction.

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