This was even too much for the liberal Episcopal Church!  Dr. Ann Redding, an Episcopal priest serving the church in Seattle, claimed two years ago to be a practicing Muslim but also a Christian. When questioned, Dr. Redding consistently refused to explain how this feat was even theologically possible.

When her Bishop and diocese learned about her conversion to Islam, she was temporarily removed from ministry and told to spend a year in contemplation and “discernment of her faith commitment.” Following her sabbatical year, a diocesan committee determined that she had abandoned her Episcopal faith:

“by her formal admission into a religious body not in Communion with the Episcopal Church.”

Dr. Redding was given until Tuesday (3/31/09) to either renounce her Muslim faith or give up her Episcopal ordination. However she refused to respond to the order so was deposed (defrocked) on Wednesday April 1.  Ms Redding had served as an Episcopal priest for over 25 years.

Response: This was long over due. The contradictions of it all were even too great for the liberal post-modern Episcopal Church to put up with. Simply put it is impossible for one to be both a faithful Muslim and a believing Christian.

The Divinity of Jesus Christ is a major doctrine of the Christian faith and Muslims are taught that the curse of Allah is eternally upon every Christian who believes in it. One cannot truly be a Christian and reject the Divinity of Jesus and yet every Muslim is required to. Therefore, one cannot be entirely committed and true to both. At least that should be obvious.

However in the current world of academia and progressive thought, there really are no absolutes. Only in that shifting context can one pretend to be both a faithful Christian and a practicing Muslim.      

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