Leave it to Hollywood to try and fill in those troublesome early years that the gospels to not speak about. the ‘Aquarian Gospel‘ is coming sometime to a theater near you. All the Bible says about the formative years of Jesus is: ‘The boy grew in wisdom and stature’. The film purposes that as a youth, Jesus traveled to India and learned everything he knew from the Hindu and Buddhist gurus.

Writings and scrolls from the east have long made claims of visits by Jesus. The archeologists and scholars that looked into the claims have always pronounced them as spurious. However, they make for the good beginnings of a story that Hollywood can expand on.

Comments: The whole idea of Jesus leaving his family in Nazareth and going to India flies in the face of what we know of first century Jewish culture.

A first born son always served his father in the family business and usually was expected to replace him. However, he could choose to go out on his own at 30 years of age.

Of coarse, facts never get in the way of a good Hollywood story do they. The recent ‘Da Vinci Code’ Movie and the ‘Lost Tomb of Jesus’ documentary are cases in point. Look for the film to come out during the Easter season as all the rest seem to.   

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