There is an amazing move of God happening in Nicaragua. Over 650,000 have attended, tens of thousands have accepted Jesus Christ, and the services have also experienced thousands of miracles and healings. From CBN News:

A miraculous story is unfolding of Nicaraguans attending mass evangelism campaigns, and witnessing a mighty move of God in their country. Missionary Britt Hancock of the organization “Mountain Gateway” followed God’s call to help lead these events, along with Evangelist Nathan Morris and Shake the Nations Ministries

Britt says tens of thousands have accepted Jesus Christ and thousands have been healed.

“We’ve had people baptized in the Holy Spirit spontaneously. We’ve had people come out of wheelchairs,” Britt shared. “You name it, every class of miracle – lame walking, deaf ears opened, blinded eyes opened.”…He describes it as “a stirring of that whole society”…

Response: I have been looking for the beginning of a great world-wide harvest that will touch whole nations and bring a billion people to Christ. This move of God is touching the entire nation of Nicaragua and it is still going. Praise God.

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