You may belong to the other party. You may have voted for the other guy.  You may have supported President Bush in the beginning, but now find yourself disappointed in his administration for a number of reasons (I am in this camp).  You may even be a Christian who theologically opposes war, and have problems with the Bush Admin. over Iraq.  If so, you are among the majority of Americans who give GW a low rating in the MSM polls.  With 2 1/2 years to go, it is very important for Evangelical Christians that the Bush administration finishes well and this is why:

     1.  Judges:  Already it is becoming more difficult for Pres. Bush to get his conservative, Christian friendly judges through the Senate.  If he loses any more support, then it will come to a virtual standstill.  If the majority in the Senate changes to the Democrat side in November,  the prospects of getting any more Christian judges through is slim to none. Why are judges important?  Liberal activists shop for liberal judges in order to enact their agendas, and also to reverse or nullify any votes of the people that they disagree with. Recent examples include: Changes in the marriage laws; kicking the Boy Scouts off of public property; trying to change the pledge; taking crosses down from war memorials; eliminating any references or displays of Christmas and Easter, or any other religious holiday in schools or on public property; generally taking religion out of the public sector; and etc.-infinitum.

     2.  Supreme Court:  There is a high probability that there will be another opening in the Supreme Court soon.  With this,  comes the opportunity to change the direction of the court of decades to come.  If the numbers and support for the Bush Admin. are weak at the time, then it will be impossible for Pres. Bush to nominate a conservative and get him/her through the Senate.

     *3.  Most important, like it or not, conservative Christians, especially Evangelicals, are especially linked to Pres. Bush.  I have read hundreds of references in the MSM and in lefty blogs which offer the opinion that serious Christians should not be elected to high political offices because of their religious ‘biases’.  Pres. Bush is always one of the primary examples given.  Hugh Hewitt’s book- Painting the Map Red, cites many such references in chapters 4 and 6.  If the Bush Admin. finishes badly, then it could make it more difficult for Evangelicals and conservative Christians to seek high political office.  It could also generally affect our influence upon politicians and the political process in the future.

How to support Pres. Bush without being hypocritical:

     1.  Pray-pray-pray for the best.  Pray that Pres. Bush will fulfill his God given destiny and purpose.  As Christians, we do not battle against the ‘flesh’ alone, and neither does Pres. Bush,  principalities and powers are ganging up on him and making things a lot worse  than they should be, for the Bush Admin. and America.  There are Christian Intercessors who sense battles going on in the ‘Spirit realm’ and calling for special prayers for Pres. Bush and for the USA-see: June 1 Urgent Prayer.   

     2.  Actively support the Bush Admin. in those issues you do agree with.

     3.  If you do oppose the war, find some way to help the troops and their families.  Many Christian groups who oppose war, are nevertheless sending needed personal stuff to the soldiers, helping the families left behind, and sending relief to the Iraqis.

     4.  Finally, there is a whole lot of negative stuff being said out in the marketplace day after day– accusations, motives questioned, conspiracy theories, and outright slander—which make things seem a whole lot worse than they really are.  Let us Christians be careful not to participate in a critical spirit, and in gossip which is born by the evil one.  Let’s speak about only those things which we know are true and verifiable.     

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