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The American culture is changing so fast when it comes to LGBTQ issues that it is hard to keep up with the ups and the downs with the latest developments. Lately there have been some conservative reactions against the continual push for transgender regularization especially in sports and product advancement.

Evangelical Christians in particular are having a hard time of it as their once respected Biblical positions on sexuality, homosexuality, and marriage are increasingly being perceived as being on ‘the wrong side of history’ and viewed by some as even contrary to the ‘all inclusive’ love which Jesus taught.

The effect of all of this cultural movement is that evangelical Christians are now at a crossroads where they must choose between a high view of Scripture, which has always been a major part of their identity, and possibly be marginalized by the dominant American culture. Or abandon traditional Biblical teaching, accept a more liberal view of scripture, and go along with the cultural flow. Their whole reason for existence is at risk since a traditional understanding of the Bible is the foundational glue of the movement.

Case in point is the on-going disintegration of the United Methodist Church, which is the second largest protestant denomination the the United States, at least it has been. The denomination leaders chose to allow LGBTQ folks to become ministers and recognize same-sex marriages. As a result, thousands of conservative Methodist churches (so far over 6,000), who want to continue to follow traditional Bible teachings, are leaving or have left the denomination.

The time may soon be upon us when the choice may not be all that easy for some because the stakes are being raised in the dominant culture nearly every day. Questions are now being raised whether conservative Christians with traditional views should be allowed to continue in public service positions. Some Christians have already lost their jobs over admitting to their traditional views on marriage on social media. Others are finding that their paths towards promotion are being blocked over their Biblical views, particularly professors in public colleges.. 

As the pressure comes to bear on Bible supporting Christians and churches across the nation, some members may choose to leave the increasingly controversial conservative congregations for more socially acceptable churches and denominations. Some pastors may even respond to the losses by finding ways to re-interpret those troublesome homosexual passages in the Bible. Others will choose to continue to be faithful to their traditional Biblical views and will make sure that the churches they are affiliated with also have a high view of scripture, like what is going on with the conservative Methodists.

Fact is, evangelicals are in the crosshairs of the LGBTQ activists and the pressure is sure to continue. Those who maintain a traditional high view of scripture may find themselves increasingly being marginalized and even demonized by the larger culture. Soon there may be a real price to pay for Biblical faith and evangelicals may be tested and forced to choose between the Bible and a respected place in 21st century America.

Most in conservative circles are now hoping and praying that a revival will soon come and a new spiritual awakening in America will bring the nation back to God and the Bible. Meanwhile, we still have the First Amendment of the Constitution that is in place to protect freedom of religion in America; and fortunately the current Supreme Court is somewhat conservative in their support of religious rights.     

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