Q: Did the universe have a beginning or has it always been there?

A: Actually there are three major possibilities for the Universe:

-a. It had a beginning

-b. It has always been there

-c. It doesn’t really exist—only an illusion

Genesis and the Bible support the first—a beginning. So does the modern science of physics according to the second law of thermodynamics—which tells us that the universe is running down—running out of energy and at some point will no longer exist in its present form. A universe that is running down indicates a beginning.

Those who are big supporters of evolution would like to support option ‘b’-that the Universe has always been there-even though they can’t scientifically– because it would lend credence and authority to their understanding of a world always evolving. But all the current scientific evidence points to a universe that wasn’t always there—one that is going to end some day and one which had a beginning.

It becomes messy for the evolutionist if the universe and all creation had a beginning because they have no answers to account for it. A beginning demands a beginner—something or someone who was greater that kicked it off—that started it with a bang—a big bang.

Science can only observe what presently is in our time and space—what may have been before the beginning can’t even be speculated on scientifically.

The Bible says –in the beginning was God—is and was there and he has always been there and always will be. A being outside of our time and space —infinitely greater—a creator/designer that caused the universe to come into existence.        

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