A convert to Christianity is being tried in an Afghan Shria court.  Death is the prescribed sentence in this case.  Abdul Rahman was turned in by his own family.  The judge offers to drop the charges if he converts back to Islam, but Addul refuses.  This points up a conflict in Afghan law. The new Afghan Constitution is supposed to allow freedom of religion. While one is free to practice different religions in Afghanistan, there are laws against leaving Islam. The judge is quoted as saying:”It (a conversion) is an attack on Islam”.  This will be a test for the new government on many levels.  Also a test for Christians around the world?  How will we protest?  The Muslims are rioting all around the globe over a few Cartoons.  This should show a contrast in reaction.  Muslims burn cars & flags and riot.  Hopefully, Christians rise up and burn (use) the phone lines to the White House and The State Department in protest.  At the very least, we should be praying for Abdul Rahman & the Afghan authorities.   

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