The good Cardinal is urging those under him to disregard USA immigration laws and stand in support of ‘open borders’ between Mexico & the USA.  Christians are called by Jesus to take good care of the poor among us & show grace unto those sojourning in our midst. Christians are also taught to show respect for the political authorities, laws, and institutions over us, except when the above is understood to violate the laws of God and his Church. Is this one of those cases?  I hardly think so.  One can still minister and care for the ‘illegals’ among us without violating the law.  There is no USA law against helping people regardless of origin.  It is understandable that the Cardinal Mahoney recognizes a ‘Kingdom not of this World’, but to encourage illegal behavior in this world can not justified in this case.  There are many secularists of the ‘One world’ stripe who would support the Cardinal in this action (probably the only thing they agree on), but also many Christians who would disagree.

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