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-Independence Day 2018: Freedom Comes from God

by Dr. D ~ July 4th, 2018


Happy Independence Day 2018.

The following is our traditional message for the 4th of July:

Flags are flying, parades are moving, drinks are flowing, and politicians are speaking today in America.

242 years ago a message was confirmed by representatives of 13 colonies proclaiming their freedom, a freedom that was considered to be derived from God:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Much has been made of the variety of beliefs held by the founders of this country but their words and convictions remain not only on paper but also in the hearts of the people.

Declaration of Independence: The Emphasis Upon God

When it comes to the Declaration of Independence, the words- “by their Creator” were a major part of the message, the subject, and the emphasis.

Many secularists and atheists today want to de-emphasize the role of faith in the founding of this country to the point that many are attempting to actually rewrite history itself. For them, God could have easily been left out of the document with little or no effect.

But in the context of 1776, those words were the whole linchpin of the document and appealed to as the ultimate authority and source for the rights of the Americans to rebel against the King of England.

In the context of the 18th century the Europeans believed that their Kings reigned and ruled ‘by Divine right’ under the authority of God and were His direct representatives. In fact, the King of England was also the head of the church and was supposed to defend the Christian faith against heresy and all enemies. In that cultural context, to rebel against the King was tantamount to rebelling against God the Creator himself.

In the Declaration the founders made it clear that they were not rebelling against God but that the Creator was actually the ultimate authority they were appealing to saying that their ‘rights’ were derived directly from the Creator and not given to them by the King of England or some parchment or Parliament.

It was a radical document at the time and changed the whole course of human history and ‘the Creator’ was part and parcel of the Declaration of Independence and the ultimate authority appealed to in the whole process.            *Top

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-Supreme Court: California Can’t Make Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Promote Abortion

by Dr. D ~ June 28th, 2018


The U.S.Supreme Court has made a number of rulings this season that supported the First Amendment. In this case free speech was the First Amendment issue cited as being violated by the State of California. From Christianity Today:

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to block a California law requiring pregnancy centers post referrals to state-funded abortion providers and birth control resources, forcing them to promote services that violate their beliefs.  …

Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the opinion of the court,

     “It imposes a government-scripted, speaker-based disclosure requirement that is wholly disconnected from the State’s informational interest.” …

Thomas’s ruling, with John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch concurring, has reversed the Ninth Circuit court decision that upheld the state act and sends the case back for further proceedings.

<Read the whole article>

Response: California had passed the law in 2015 requiring Pro-Life pregnancy centers to list referrals to abortion providers. Here’s our take on this law at the time:

-California: New Law Forces Pro-Life Centers to List Referrals for Abortions

A lot of folks noted at the time that the law was an obvious violation of free speech but the radical supporters of abortion in California, including the Governor, did not care and apparently 4 Supreme Court justices do not care about free speech and the First Amendment either.

The slim 5-4 ruling tells us that it will be very important for our First Amendment rights that President Trump appoints the right person to replace the retiring Justice Kennedy.               *Top

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-Willing to Destroy The Country to Get Rid of Trump?

by Dr. D ~ June 19th, 2018

Some seem to be willing to destroy the country in order to get rid of President Trump and gain control? The radical progressives and the liberal media are actually far more interested in controlling everything at all costs. Like California which has become a one-party state where liberal candidates run against even more radical ones.

The actual result would be progressive tyranny and progressively less democracy and freedom, particularly for conservatives and Bible believing Christians. We already had that under the last President.

See the latest from Bill Maher and Franklin Graham’s reaction: 

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-The Best and The Worst of Times

by Dr. D ~ June 18th, 2018

Kim and Trump SummitScotus


The last 3 or 4 weeks have been the worst and the best of times including a family emergency and death, along with a blessed vacation with our granddaughter. Meanwhile a lot has happened since I last posted at the end of May.

The Best:

The Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in favor of the Colorado Christian baker who refused to make a cake for a gay marriage. It should be a time of celebration for justice and a confirmation of religious freedom and the 1st Amendment.

President Trump met with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and forged an agreement that included the end to North Korea’s efforts to become a nuclear power. According to reports, Trump also pushed for religious freedom and for the end of Christian persecution in North Korea. Thousands of Christians in South Korea and around the world have been praying for the summit and for the end of Christian persecution in the North.

The meeting was a real miracle when you consider that just last year Kim was talking about bombing Guam and the West.

The Worst:

If President Obama had been able to get a summit with Kim with similar results he would have been up for another Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, the American press tried to ignore it as much as possible and continue to down play the results.

Also, LGBT activists are calling for courts and liberal jurists to ignore the 7-2 SCOTUS ruling claiming that it was a ‘narrow’ decision that only applies specifically to Colorado case. Some are even calling for an outright rejection of the ruling by lower courts.

That approach supports what I call- ‘The political Chaos Strategy.’ It calls for the outright rejection of all leaders and laws which do not support a progressive agenda. If a conservative leader does anything good it is to be downplayed or ignored while any half truth will do in strategic political attacks.

Therefore, no matter what this President says or does he is to get no respect but he is to be continually attacked regardless of the facts. The unemployment rate is the lowest it has been in decades but the main stream media attacks the President on immigration laws that the Congress passed years ago and were first implemented during the last administration. The truth does not really matter anymore.

Meanwhile, radical folks like Bill Maher are actually calling for and hoping a major recession or depression in order to turn conservative working folks against Trump. They are looking for any possible way to overturn the election and get rid of Trump.

Just this last week it was revealed that a number of major FBI folks were actually doing what they could to get Clinton elected ignoring the violations of Hillary while looking for supposed ties between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Special Counsel hasn’t found anything that would support that conjecture but continues the ‘witch hunt’ to find anything at all against anyone connected in anyway to Trump. It doesn’t matter that the original reason for the investigation has not produced any real facts that can be acted upon. Now it is nothing but a ‘gotchu’ effort to get folks through the process by catching them in supposed lies and finding unrelated violations of the law.

Then there are liberal Hollywood folks like actor Robert De Niro who recently subjected us to the worst language possible in order to highlight their rejection of this president, and in reality the results of the election, the people who elected him, and the American political system itself. Meanwhile, Trump is still president, the economy is booming, the world is a safer place, and Hillary continues to blame everyone but herself.               *Top

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-Pope Francis: “They Call Me a Heretic”

by Dr. D ~ May 29th, 2018

Pope Francis

Recently Pope Francis has been criticized by conservatives in his own church for saying that there was no Hell and for blaming God for homosexuality. Earlier this year he actually admitted to a group of Jesuits that some in the church were calling him a heretic. From Politico:

ROME — “They call me a heretic.”

Not the words you’d expect to hear from the head of the Roman Catholic Church. But that’s what Pope Francis told a group of fellow Jesuits in Chile earlier this year, acknowledging the fierce pushback from arch-conservatives in the Vatican.

Celebrated by progressives around the world for his push to update and liberalize aspects of church doctrine, Francis is facing fierce blowback from traditionalists…Opposition has become so heated that some advisers are warning him to tread carefully to avoid a “schism” in the church.

Father Thomas Weinandy, a former chief of staff for the U.S. bishops’ committee on doctrine, has accused Francis of causing “theological anarchy.” …Last fall, more than 200 scholars and priests signed a letter accusing Francis of spreading heresy.  …

And last week, in his most explicit acceptance of homosexuality yet, he told a gay Catholic that God had made him that way and that his sexuality “does not matter.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: None of this is surprising since Francis came from the ‘Liberation Theology’ wing of the South American Catholic church. I wonder what former Pope Benedict, a Catholic conservative, now thinks about his decision to ‘retire’ which ended up paving  the way for the reign of Pope Francis?

This is what happens when church leaders depart from ‘the faith once delivered to the saints’ given to us in the Bible and substitute it for human philosophy along with scientific and political theory and ‘cultural relevance.’

The most telling statement of where this Pope really stands was the official ‘ENCYCLICAL LETTER’ issued by Francis naming ‘climate change’ as the most important and pressing issue facing humanity.  In light of that, some have also been critical of this pope’s lack of emphasis on spreading the ‘Gospel’ of Jesus Christ and his validation of other religions like Islam.

He did early on (2013) issue his ‘EVANGELII GAUDIUM’ ON THE PROCLAMATION OF THE GOSPEL IN TODAY’S WORLD and it did call for taking the good news and joy of Jesus Christ to the whole world. However the vast majority of the 51,000 word document was spent on church administration and the calling for a change in the world economy and in particular a condemnation of capitalism (which one would expect coming from a proponent of Marxist Liberation Theology).

Even more problematic for me is this Pope’s accommodation of Muslim leaders in the midst of the greatest persecution against Christians since the first century and the campaigns of the Muslim conqueror Muhammad.

On one hand I really do personally like the man and his loving approach to all people, but so much of his personal belief system seems to be rooted in popular philosophy rather than the Bible. Those calling him a ‘heretic’ do have a point and ‘last days’ prophetic folks are having a field day with his departures from the scriptures and looking for parallels with the end-time world religion represented in the Book of Revelation.

Meanwhile, don’t look for him to get into any kind of ‘official’ trouble with his church. The Vatican officials continue to cover for this pope by claiming that he was misquoted or speaking as an individual and not ‘officially’ as the leader of one billion Christians. Pope Francis will continue to be an interesting world religious figure regardless.               *Top

(Reprinted from the Apologetica page)

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-Media vs. Trump: Did The President Really Call Immigrants ‘Animals’? No!

by Dr. D ~ May 18th, 2018

AP,  CNN,  NY Times vs. Trump and Truth

The AP, CNN, and the New York Times among many other main stream media giants recently reported that President Trump called illegal immigrants: ‘animals.’ The truth is that the President was actually referring to MS-13 gang members and not immigrants in general. Nevertheless, the media slanted what Trump had to say to make it appear that the president was calling all undocumented immigrants ‘animals.’ From Townhall:

CNN and the Associated Press were both forced to clarify or delete tweets and stories Thursday that portrayed President Trump’s remarks during a meeting Wednesday as referring to illegal immigrants generally rather than violent MS-13 gang

President Trump said “these aren’t people, these are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a level and at a rate that’s never happened before,” Wednesday in response to remarks about MS-13.

The New York Times has yet to issue any sort of correction or clarification…

<Read the whole article>

Response: The damage has been done since most will never see the ‘clarifications.’ It is all over the social media and TV newscasters have already made their quips over the president’s name calling of immigrants. And what is with ‘the newspaper of record’- The NY Times? I guess when it comes to this president the truth no longer matters?

This just demonstrates how much of our news is now fabricated and so slanted and biased that Americans really are justified in their distrust of the major media. Their choice of what they present and what they decide to not give us is another issue. I have had to turn to foreign news sites for stories about how Christians are being persecuted around the world.

The point is, the MSM presents itself as unbiased suppliers and arbiters of the news. That may have been true in some ideal past but obviously it is no longer the case. This recent situation demonstrates how much the American media has become part of the story and not just the reporters thereof. 

The major media has been critical of the purveyors of so-called ‘fake news.’ Meanwhile as in this case, some of their own have been guilty of blurring the lines and crossing over into the very territory they supposedly oppose. It is my  guess that some of the media folks are so obsessed with opposing this president that all bets are off and the truth no longer matters.                *Top

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