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-Saudi Arabia: New Law Brings Death Sentence for Bible Smugglers?

by Dr. D ~ December 22nd, 2014


           King of Saudi Arabia

Apparently the Saudi government has passed a new law that prescribes a death sentences for those ‘smuggling’ in Bibles or other non-Muslim or even non-Sunni religious literature into the Muslim kingdom.

For a long time it has been illegal to bring Bibles into Saudi Arabia. Usually customs agents have made some allowances for personal items of foreign workers, particularly educated and skilled workers coming in from Western countries. Meanwhile, no churches or Christian religious services are allowed in the country. Nevertheless, I have personally known some folks who did unofficially meet together for small Bible studies and prayer meetings in foreign conclaves.

In the recent past we have posted on a number of occasions that foreign workers have been caught and jailed for having Christian worship in their homes. Some have even been jailed by the Saudi religious police for celebrating Christmas.

Now it appears that the Muslim Kingdom is becoming even more draconian in their treatment of those bringing Bibles into the country. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

…  According to the HeartCry Missionary Society, the Saudi government issued an official statement signifying that capital punishment may now be used on those who smuggle Bibles into the desert nation, where the royal family upholds a strict Wahhabi brand of Sunni Islam.

The society’s report added that the death penalty, which usually comes in the form of beheadings, can also be used against people who simply distribute the Bible and all other "publications that have prejudice to any other religious belief other than Islam." This means that anyone handing out any kind of religious literature that is not of Islamic faith can legally be executed. …

Although the Saudi government is said to have released an "official statement", Saudi Arabia’s U.S. Embassy and Saudi sources at the United Nations have yet to comment or confirm the law. According to World Net Daily, the news source made three attempts to reach the Saudi Embassy’s press officer, but the officer has yet to reply.

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Response: Saudi Arabia is consistently listed as one of the worst regimes when it comes to religious liberty and one of the most repressive when it comes to Christians.

There are reportedly over two million foreign Christian workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bibles will continue to be brought in regardless of the law but unfortunately now people may die. Please pray that the Saudi officials will be temporarily blinded and not see the Bibles coming in. This actually worked for years when Christian smugglers were bringing in thousands of Bibles into Eastern Europe and Russia when the Communists ran things.            *Top

-Sydney Siege: Response to Islamist Flag Demonstrates Willful Media and Government Ignorance

by Dr. D ~ December 18th, 2014


The minute I saw a picture of the black flag in the window I was sure that the Sydney café siege was a terrorist event. After all, it closely resembled the Jihadi Muslim battle flag used by nearly every radical Islamist group. 

Meanwhile the Western media, the local police commissioner, and the Australian PM continued to speculate on what the flag meant and the possible motives of the perpetrator.

This event from my perspective demonstrates the willful ignorance of the Western media and government officials when it comes to radical Islam. None of them want to call any event ‘terrorism’ or identify obvious ‘Islamist’ motives for fear of being labeled as ‘Islamophobic.’

Here’s an article from Breitbart that goes in to greater depth on this very issue:

The recent incident involving the Sydney jihadi hostage-taker provided us countless examples that western media and governments lack a basic understanding of radical Islamism. The horrific act provided—for all to see—countless examples of a failure to report the basic facts and accurately describe the event as an act of Islamic terror.

The most obvious indication that hostage-taker Man Haron Monis was carrying out the terroristic act out of religious duty was when he forced hostages to display the black flag of jihad (Shahada) in the Lindt Cafe window. The Shahada read, “There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.” …

…Kyle Shideler of the Center for Security Policy described how U.S. leaders have failed to grasp the ideology of global jihadist entities and its individual actors. We “fail to show respect by not taking our enemies and their ideas seriously. Instead we continuously assert–without evidence–that jihadist organizations, the members of Islamic State, Al Qaeda, etc. are ignorant of their own professed beliefs,” writes Shideler. He adds, “It is we who are ignorant.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: For a long time leading up to WWII, Western government officials failed to see the real threat that Hitler and Nazism posed to Western civilization, real Christianity, and Judaism it was nearly the end of us. History seems to be repeating itself in the willful ignorance of the threat of radical Islam.

Hopefully we will wake up in the West before it is too late. Meanwhile the media and government officials continue to refer to every terrorist event as ‘workplace violence’ or the crimes and actions of ignorant individuals while the motives derived from radical Islam are substantially ignored or excused away.

What will it take for the media and the government officials to take the threat serious and suspend their overriding concern for so-called Islamophobia?  With Hitler the bridge too far lead to Poland. What do we have to look forward to in the years to come with radical Islam?            *Top

-Plano TX Passes ‘Nondiscrimination’ Policy That Limits Religious Freedom

by Dr. D ~ December 17th, 2014


We warned recently that religious freedom was in danger of being trumped and limited all across America by the next big ‘progressive’ issue/excuse called ‘transgender bathroom’ and ‘nondiscrimination’ ordinances and policies that bundle together all sorts of LGBT ‘rights’ along with same-sex marriage. We expected ordinances like the one introduced in Houston TX to be the model for similar laws to be passed and foisted upon cities and maybe even states by eager leftist politicians and councils. Usually against the will of the people.

The most recent example of what we are talking about is incredibly in Plano TX. Here’s the story from CitizenLink:

Despite intense opposition, the Plano City Council passed a non-discrimination ordinance Monday that would potentially allow transgender persons to access the bathroom of their choice.

The law applies to business owners in Plano and those that have contracts with the City for services. …

… Liberty Institute plans to sue over the Plano ordinance. In a statement, the group said:

“The Proposed Ordinance is vaguely worded and compels private businesses and employees to violate their sincerely-held religious beliefs, in contravention of federal and state laws protecting persons of faith. In effect, the Proposed Ordinance makes it a crime to do business in the City of Plano while maintaining Christian, Jewish, Muslim or other traditional religious views of marriage, sexuality and gender identity.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: This whole transgender bathroom issue started in California then this month the Obama administration issued a decree that all schools receiving federal funds must comply. However, the city ordinances represented in Houston and Plano TX are even worse including same-sex marriage and forcing all organizations, businesses and business owners to comply regardless of any affected religious convictions.

Christian leaders should organize and be prepared to fight similar ordinances before they are even proposed in their own local cities and states. Freedom of religion and Christian schools, institutions, and businesses are in the crosshairs and it is time to wake up the Christian community before it is too late.            *Top

-Obama’s Dept. of Education: Students Must be Allowed to Choose Their Own Gender

by Dr. D ~ December 12th, 2014


U.S. Department of Education

The Obama administration has now made transgender choice mandatory in all public schools across America. By order of the Department of Education on December 1, all schools receiving federal funds must allow students to choose for themselves whether they are a boy or a girl rather than the gender they were born with. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

In single-sex classes, which are common for sex education, students must be allowed to go to the class of the gender they consider themselves to be rather than their actual gender, the U.S. Department of Education directed schools that receive federal funds in a Dec. 1 memo.

The memo, from the department’s Office for Civil Rights, provides guidance for K-12 schools for when they are allowed to have same-sex classes or extracurricular activities and remain in compliance with Title IX, a 1972 law to protect against gender discrimination in education programs that get federal aid. …

"All students, including transgender students and students who do not conform to sex stereotypes," it states, "are protected from sex-based discrimination under Title IX. Under Title IX, a recipient generally must treat transgender students consistent with their gender identity in all aspects of the planning, implementation, enrollment, operation, and evaluation of single-sex classes."

<Read the whole article>

Response: The schools in California have been struggling to implement a similar state order that allows boys to decide for themselves to suit up in the girls locker rooms and try out for the girl’s teams if they want and visa versa. There are already a number of lawsuits from concerned parents. Now the Obama administration is going to take this chaos into every state and city across America wherever federal funds may go. Even private schools which take federal money may be affected.

This is another case where the Obama progressive agenda is being allowed to run unchecked by executive order without legislation or Congressional oversight. At least the mess in California was passed by the state legislature and signed by the governor.

Here’s my reaction at the time to the California law- also a poignant response to the new federal order:

So let me get this straight. Students in …public schools are now able to arbitrarily choose for themselves from day to day what gender they want to be and their parents don’t even have to be aware of it? Then on that self-proclaimed basis could have access to bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex and even join any sports team regardless of actual physical gender?

The new law is designed to help the 1 tenth of one percent of students that may be ‘transgender’ or have gender identity issues. However 99.9% of the student could be affected by the new law since there are no provisions or guidelines to determine whether a student is truly ‘transgender’ or just faking it to gain greater access to the opposite sex. … The possibilities for obvious abuse are legion. I would not want to be a teacher or a school administrator under these conditions and lack of provisions. 

Now if a boy would like to take a shower with his girlfriend there is nothing but common sense standing in the way? Also, if a high school boy doesn’t make the boy’s basketball team he could always try out for the girl’s team and have the added possibility of sharing the locker room and showers with his new team mates of the opposite sex?

Is America going completely insane? I thought so when this president was re-elected and now some of the results are proving my initial reactions.

Watch this new policy destroy girls competitive sports. Title IX contributed to strengthening girls sports all across America since 1972. Now this same law is being re-interpreted to support transgender rights. Mark my words, chaos will soon follow concerning eligibility in girls programs.             *Top

-Dueling Christmas Billboards?

by Dr. D ~ December 11th, 2014



In the last few years it has become fashionable for atheists to put up billboards during the Christmas season putting down the story of the birth of Jesus and Christianity as a fairy tale. One church in Arkansas responded with a billboard of their own reaching out to those who may question the reason for the season. Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

A church in Alma, Arkansas has responded with "love and support" to the American Atheists holiday "skip church" billboards by putting up its own ad, welcoming doubters and those who have questions about faith.

"Our goal is not to oppose their message, but rather to respond with love and support. We actually welcome their desire to support those who have felt alienated by believers and start discussion between and among the Atheist and Christian communities," Grace Church wrote on its website, referring to American Atheists’ recently erected billboards in several Bible Belt cities.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Nicely done Grace Church of Alma. Far better to reach out than to put down during this season. Ironic that the American Atheists would seem to condone and use a real fairy tale- the Santa legend and myth while accusing the church as representing another.

For over a month now, we have watched one Christmas special movie after another on TV. All with wonderful family feel good messages. A real treat after what we usually get for TV entertainment. However, one thing that I have noticed is that the Santa legend has been updated and dominates during this season and seems to be far more culturally acceptable than the story of a poor child born in a manger in Judea nearly 2,000 year ago.  Church is one of the few places left where the real ‘reason for the season’ is still emphasized and celebrated.          *Top

-Family Guy’s Attack on Christ and Christmas

by Dr. D ~ December 9th, 2014


Sunday night the very popular TV show Family Guy aired a controversial  ‘Christmas’ episode entitled- ‘The 2,000-year-old virgin.’ Here’s a synopsis of the show:

Peter is stunned to run into Jesus at the mall, and even more stunned to discover that he is still a virgin, so Peter recruits Quagmire and Cleveland to celebrate Jesus’ birthday by finding a way to end his celibacy.

During the episode, the ‘Jesus’ character asks for Peter’s permission to bed his wife Lois and both agree until they find out that this ‘Jesus’ has been fooling around with other husband’s wives for years and really is no virgin at all.

To fully understand where the writers of the show are coming from, here are several quotes from Family Guy’s creator Seth MacFarlane who is actually an activist atheist:

"I do not believe in God. I’m an atheist. I consider myself a critical thinker, and it fascinates me that in the 21st century most people still believe in, as George Carlin puts it, ‘the invisible man living in the sky’," he has said in an interview.

"Do I have that much contempt for Christianity? I guess maybe I do… live with it," he added in the Family Guy Season 4 commentary.

Response: So The writers of this show ‘celebrate’ the Christmas season by portraying Jesus as a lying philandering adulterer. And to top it off in his own words this false ‘Jesus’ says:

"Who cares? I’m not even real. Merry Christmas"

An obvious dig and a thumbing of the nose at Christians and Christianity during one of the most important Christian holiday seasons. Can anyone imagine similar themes and dialogue being aired on TV a generation ago?  The current cultural PC dictum that all should avoid offending anyone or anything obviously does not count when it comes to Christians and Christmas.           *Top

-Cairo’s Grand Imam Condemns ISIS For ‘Barbaric Crimes’

by Dr. D ~ December 8th, 2014


Al-Azhar University @Wikipedia

Last week Pope Francis condemned ISIS- the Islamic State for acts that were a ‘Grave Sin Against God’ and called upon Muslim leaders to come out against the radical Islamist group.  Now Ahmed al-Tayeb, the Grand Imam of Cairo’s al-Azhar University has condemned the actions of the ISIS and similar Islamist radicals as a "perversion of the Islamic religion". From Christian Today:

Speaking at a major conference at the University – regarded as the most important centre of Sunni Muslim theology – he said in an opening speech that jihadist factions commit "barbaric crimes with the clothing of this sacred religion, assuming names such as ‘Islamic State’ with the intention of exporting their false Islam".

The conference was convened to reflect on the relations between the Muslim world and Islamist extremism. …

According to the Fides news service, participants included 700 scholars and representatives of political, social and religious institutions from 120 different countries. Leaders of eastern Christian communities were also present.

Grand Imam al Tayeb said that any terroristic ideology justified with references to Islam was based on distorted and manipulated understanding of the writings of the Koran.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This was a huge development that was mostly ignored by the Western press. Imam al-Tayeb is the head of the top Sunni institution of higher learning and the conference included the Coptic Pope and Catholic Coptic Bishop along with over 700 scholars and religious leaders from 120 different countries.

It is long overdue, but finally major Muslim leaders are coming out against the radical actions of the Islamic State. Even more encouraging, Muslim and Middle Eastern Christian leaders are getting together to address the threat posed by radical Islamist groups like ISIS.

Better yet, the Grand Imam has declared that his school would promote new studies aimed at teaching against the radical’s manipulation of Quranic writings along with arguments to counter their aberrant theology.            *Top