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-Trump Revokes Obama’s Transgender Guidelines For Public Schools

by Dr. D ~ February 23rd, 2017


The Trump administration on Wednesday revoked Obama’s order establishing transgender guidelines for public schools in America. The new administration cited the legal confusion brought on by the original order, which resulted in hundreds of lawsuits, for the change. Here’s the story from Reuters:

President Donald Trump’s administration on Wednesday revoked landmark guidance to public schools letting transgender students use the bathrooms of their choice, reversing a signature initiative of former Democratic President Barack Obama. …

Obama had instructed public schools last May to let transgender students use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity, threatening to withhold funding for schools that did not comply. Transgender people hailed the step as victory for their civil rights.

Trump, a Republican who took office last month, rescinded those guidelines, even though they had been put on hold by a federal judge, arguing that states and public schools should have the authority to make their own decisions without federal interference.

<Read the whole article>

Response: This order needed to be ‘trumped.’ Obama exceeded his authority in trying to force all public schools in America to respond to the transgender issue by ignoring actual biological gender and putting the majority of children at risk.

Local school districts should be allowed to decide for themselves how they will respond to the transgender bathroom and locker issue. Locker rooms in schools are uncomfortable enough without allowing students of the opposite biological genders to change and shower together because of some bureaucrat in Washington.

Common sense should prevail and private accommodations might be the real answer if the progressive activists and PC politics are taken out of the decision and the wishes of the parents are actually accounted for.                  *Top

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-Federal Judge: Ban on Women Going Topless in Public is Unconstitutional

by Dr. D ~ February 23rd, 2017

A federal judge has declared that a ban on Women going topless in public is ‘unconstitutional.’ Here’s the story from Fox News Denver:

A federal judge has ordered the city of Fort Collins (CO) to stop enforcing a policy that bans women from showing their breasts in public.

It started with one woman asking, "If men can go topless, why can’t women?"

"It’s sexist because it specifically discriminates against female breasts," Brittiany Hoagland said in 2015.

Hoagland, Samantha Six and a group called Free the Nipple — Fort Collins made headlines across the country when they protested on the corner of College Avenue and Mulberry Street with nothing but "opaque dressings" covering their nipples.

The Fort Collins City Council asked for public input but ended up voting to keep the topless ban for women in place.

But the council added two exceptions: Breastfeeding mothers and girls younger than 10 years old.

After the decision, Hoagland, Six and Free the Nipple — Fort Collins filed a civil lawsuit against the city, claiming the policy violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

On Wednesday, Federal Judge R. Brooke Jackson ordered an injunction preventing police and the city from enforcing the ban.

<Read the whole article>

Response: I would imagine that the original writers of the Constitution might be surprised that their document mandates a right for women to go topless in public? What is next? Will businesses be forced to allow topless and shirtless folks into their stores and restaurants?

This is another case where the actual biological differences in the sexes are ignored and scientifically based genders are being overridden by a progressive agenda. This is nonsense and hopefully it will be appealed. Public order, human decency, and common sense no longer seem to matter in our PC driven secular culture.

View the video above to get a taste of the thinking of the activists that brought this case into court and hope to do the same all across America. Rather pathetic. So is topless nudity for women the next big ‘progressive’ cause?              *Top

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-Pope Francis: Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist

by Dr. D ~ February 18th, 2017

Pope Francis

Pope Francis said yesterday that  “Muslim terrorism does not exist” but there are individuals in all religions who are involved in violence. He went on to imply that global warming was a far more serious problem than terrorism. Here’s the story from the UK Express:

POPE Francis has firmly denied the existence of Islamic terrorism, in a speech to a world meeting of populist movements yesterday.

In an impassioned defence of all faiths, the leader of the Catholic Church argued religion promotes peace and the danger of radicalisation exists in all religious beliefs.
He said:

   “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist.

“No people is criminal or drug-trafficking or violent.

“The poor and the poorer peoples are accused of violence yet, without equal opportunities, the different forms of aggression and conflict will find a fertile terrain for growth and will eventually explode.”

“There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions – and with intolerant generalisations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”

“By confronting terror with love, we work for peace.”

<Read the whole article><Also here’s a link to the whole speech>

Response: Pope Francis has some nice liberal PC thoughts about religion and terrorism but little of it is actually based upon reality and real world experience.

In his full speech he talks about how Jesus calls Christians to respond with love to all folks as neighbors as The Samaritan demonstrated. All great Biblical teaching but how is one called to respond when a particular group has openly dedicated themselves to try to kill you and yours, destroy your nation, and do away with Christianity and all other religions in the name of their holy book and religion?

Pope Francis implies that it is all caused by poverty but that has no basis in reality. Many of the terrorists to date have been among the wealthiest and best educated in the nations from whence they came.

Also, we are not talking about just some individual criminals when those perpetrators are organized around the guiding principles of their religion and claim that they are following the example of their prophet and scriptures. If they claim that they are committing terrorist acts in the name of Allah, the Quran, and Islam then they are exactly what they say they are-  Islamic terrorists.

No well meaning PC redefinitions by the Pope can change reality, it can only get a bunch of folks killed and put whole cities and nations in jeopardy.                *Top

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-Pakistan Bans Valentine’s Day

by Dr. D ~ February 14th, 2017


Celebrating Valentine’s Day has been banned in the capitol of Pakistan. Here’s the story from the Daily Mail:

A Pakistani court Monday banned public celebrations of Valentine’s Day in the capital Islamabad, the latest attempt by authorities to outlaw a holiday seen by many in the traditional Muslim society as vulgar and Western.

The Islamabad high court issued the order after a petitioner declared love was being used as a "cover" to spread "immorality, nudity and indecency… which is against our rich traditions and values".

<Read the whole article>

Response: Pakistan is not the only Muslim majority country to try and ban Valentine’s Day. In most Muslim nations Valentine’s Day is considered to be a Christian ‘religious’ holiday and also an ‘immoral’ intrusion upon their culture.

Every year Saudi Arabia actually arrests those caught celebrating the Western holiday and goes to the extreme of banning the sale of red roses, red flowers, and heart shaped boxes of candy on February 14.                 *Top

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-Majority of Americans Favor Limiting Religious Freedom of Business Owners

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2017


The majority of Americans are now in favor of limiting Religious freedom. 61% say that they oppose allowing businesses refuse service for religious reasons. This would include Christian owned bakers, caterers, florists, and printers who do not want to be involved in same sex marriages or LGBT events. Here’s the data from PRRI Research:

New PRRI analysis, drawn from a data set of 40,509 interviews conducted throughout 2016 as part of PRRI’s American Values Atlas, reveals that most American religious groups support same-sex marriage and oppose religiously based service refusals. …

There is near consensus among religious groups on the issue of religiously based service refusals. Roughly six in ten (61 percent) Americans oppose allowing a small business owner in their state to refuse to provide products or services to gay or lesbian people, if doing so violates their religious beliefs.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Interesting research. It shows that conservative Christians have really lost the PR cultural battle even among many fellow Christians. This really indicates that changing the historical interpretation of freedom of religion will probably continue unabated even with a new administration. Though there has been some consideration by President Trump to weigh in on this issue.

Christian business owners have already lost many of the legal battles  but there was always a hope that public opinion supporting religious freedom would eventually turn this around. However, if a large majority opposes religious freedom for business owners then there is little hope for a changing it back. Particularly if this research is to be believed and so many Christian groups also oppose it.

What is left for the Christian business owner? Must Christians supplying services to marriage and public events bow to the new cultural LGBT standards regardless of religious convictions? It does appear to be the case. The First Amendment was suppose to protect religious practice but now judges and civil administrators are limiting its application. The future of Religious freedom in America is being challenged. Hopefully the new administration will do something about.                  *Top

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-UN Secretary General: Islamophobia Leads to Terrorism. Really?

by Dr. D ~ February 13th, 2017


According to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Islamophobia actually leads to terrorism. Here’s the story from The Blaze:

On a visit to Saudi Arabia Sunday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters that “Islamophobia” is fueling terrorism.

     “One of the things that fuel terrorism is the expression in some parts of the world of Islamophobic feelings and Islamophobic policies and Islamophobic hate speeches,” …

     “This is sometimes the best support that Daesh can have to make its own propaganda,”

Guterres added.

<Read the whole article>

Response: Really? Which came first, terrorism or Islamophobia? Before Islamists started attacking America and Western nations no one was really paying any attention to Islam or making any disparaging remarks about radical Muslims. 

This statement is almost as crazy as the UN pronouncement a while back that historically Jerusalem belonged to Muslims and Jews had no ties at all with the Temple Mount.


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