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-ISIS Calls for Attacks Using Baseball Bats and Guess What…?

by Dr. D ~ August 25th, 2016


                                     (Image: Wikipedia)

ISIS in a recent video called for faithful Muslims to attack unbelievers in the West using household items like baseball bats. So guess what happened in Calais, France? Violent Muslim migrants attacked truckers using baseball bats. Coincidence? Here’s the story from Jihad Watch:

A THRONG of violent armed migrants have been filmed holding up a UK-bound lorry as they battled to scramble onboard vehicles in Calais. …

The dashcam footage shows a group of men standing in between the branches and the lorry, armed with baseball bats and large sticks which they wave at the Flemish trucker. …

The latest figures show the lawless Jungle camp in Calais has now increased its numbers to more than 9,000 migrants attempting to get to Britain, despite the demolition of most of the camp by French authorities…

“‘Use baseball bats, power drills and screwdrivers’: New ISIS propaganda video urges lone wolves to wield household objects to jihad against the West,” by Darren Boyle, MailOnline, August 22, 2016:

A new ISIS terror video has urged followers to use household goods to conduct jihad against the West.

<Read the whole article>

Response: The ISIS video is targeting faithful Muslims in France and the USA in particular. If this attack or something similar happened in the USA the Obama administration and FBI would wonder what the motivations were, claim that it had nothing to do with Islam, and conclude that the perpetrators were ‘lone wolfs’ with no ties to any terrorist group. Just saying.

Sometimes I wonder how the supposedly ‘smartest people’ in our nation and the world can be so obviously blind and stupid? Or maybe they just think that regular Americans are that dumb. I guess they do have a point since we chose them to be our leaders.                  *Top

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-LGBT Rights To Override Religious Freedom?

by Dr. D ~ August 24th, 2016


Many are contending today that LGBT civil rights should overcome and override religious freedom in America.

We are even to the point now when some are saying that churches and non-profit religious institutions that want to continue to ‘discriminate’ based upon Biblical beliefs and doctrine should lose their tax exempt status. Also, Religious colleges and educational institutions that want to maintain an environment based upon Biblical standards should lose their accreditation and no longer be eligible for any kind of government funding, including student loans.

Five years ago I began to see this kind of thinking on radical internet websites. Now this doctrine is going mainstream and I really do think it is only a matter of time before government officials and accreditation officers start to take action against conservative churches and Christian institutions and denominations. It may begin to happen sooner rather than later depending upon who is elected as president later this year.

If you are wondering what I am talking about, read the following article by a liberal Christian educator and ethicist who contends that churches and religious institutions must change and leave behind their Biblical doctrines and teachings on sexuality or else:

On LGBT equality, middle ground is disappearing

Here are a few poignant quotes from this article:

Middle ground is disappearing on the question of whether LGBT persons should be treated as full equals, without any discrimination in society — and on the related question of whether religious institutions should be allowed to continue discriminating due to their doctrinal beliefs. …

…LGBT equality now doctrine, sympathy for religious liberty exceptions is drying up quickly. If Hillary Clinton is elected president, making for 12 to 16 straight years of Democratic control of the White House, it is quite possible that by Supreme Court ruling and federal regulation any kind of discrimination against gay people will have the same legal rights and social acceptance as any kind of racial discrimination. Which is, none.

Openly discriminatory religious schools and parachurch organizations will feel the pinch first. Any entity that requires government accreditation or touches government dollars will be in the immediate line of fire. Some organizations will face the choice either to abandon discriminatory policies or risk potential closure. Others will simply face increasing social marginalization.

<Read the whole article>

One thing I do wonder, will these ‘civil rights’ demands be extended to Orthodox Jewish and Muslim religious institutions which may hold similar views? Probably not since conservative Christians seem to be the only ones in the ‘sights’ of LGBT and progressive activists.

One thing is for sure, regardless of any government action, lawsuits and judicial decisions, or PC cultural opinion; conservative Christians who consider the Bible to be the foundation of their faith, will not be changing their doctrines and teachings to appease and adjust to a new prescribed cultural orthodoxy regardless of the consequences.

In the first century Christians refused to bow and worship Caesar and went to their deaths and Christians today are dying because they refuse to convert to Islam. The potential loss of religious freedom, tax-exempt status, and accreditation will not cause faithful believers to throw their Bibles and faith away even if many more liberal Christians do give up and follow the culture.                 *Top

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-Air Force Officer Cleared in ‘Open Bible’ Complaint

by Dr. D ~ August 24th, 2016


The Air Force officer that was in trouble over having an open Bible on his desk has been cleared of any wrong doing. Here’s the story from Todd Starnes:

An Air Force major, who was accused of civil rights violations for having a Bible on his work desk, has been cleared of any wrongdoing, according to military officials at the 310th Space Wing in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  …

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation had filed a complaint against Maj. Lewis — accusing him of "harboring and encouraging a truly abhorrent example of First Amendment civil rights violations."

But a public affairs spokesman told me late Tuesday that Maj. Lewis was well within his rights to have an open Bible on his office desk.

"We have concluded that no abuse of liberties has occurred," Lt. Col. David Fruck told me.

He said both the workplace environment and the major’s behavior were well within the provisions governing the free exercise of religion and religious accommodation.

<Read the whole article>

Response: It was ridiculous in the first place to claim that an open Bible is a violation of the ‘civil rights’ of others. The so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation continues to issue complaints solely against Christians in the military exercising their faith. A better name for this groups would be- the Anti-Religious Freedom for Christians in the Military Foundation.                  *Top

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-John Hopkins: No Scientific Evidence That People Are Born Gay

by Dr. D ~ August 23rd, 2016

john hopkins U

Popular cultural ‘knowledge’ contends that gay and transgender folks are born that way. A recent definitive scientific study, completed by scholars at John Hopkins University, indicates that there is no scientific evidence to support ‘fact.’ Here’s the story from the Christian Post:

Distinguished scholars at Johns Hopkins University in Maryland released a new 143-page report on Monday that argues that there is not enough definitive scientific evidence available to suggest that gay, lesbian and transgender individuals are born with a certain sexual orientation or gender identity.

In the three-part report published by The New Atlantis, Lawrence Mayer, a scholar-in-residence at Johns Hopkins University’s psychiatry department and a professor of statistics and biostatistics at Arizona State University, and Paul McHugh, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins, take on prevailing claims that sexual orientation and gender dysphoria are caused by natural traits. …

In the first part, the report argues that there is insufficient evidence to claim that heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual attractions are an innate trait that people are born with.

<Read the whole article>

Response: You can bet that the scientists at John Hopkins were hoping for a different outcome. Since the conclusions of this research contradict popular notions and theory, you can also bet that the results were confirmed over and over again before they were released. Also, look for all sorts of pseudo scientific studies in the near future to try and overturn the inconvenient findings of the John Hopkins research.

It would have been nice to have this study earlier when everyone was saying that same-sex marriage needed to become legal since homosexuals ‘were born that way.’ Now this research shows that it is not necessarily so. Also this study concludes that at the most genetics may be a contributing factor. Note that this little caveat (‘may’) was probably placed in the study to ameliorate the bad news for gay and LGBT folks since there seems to be little evidence to actually support it.            *Top

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-Archaeology: First Century Synagogue Ruins Confirm New Testament Accounts

by Dr. D ~ August 23rd, 2016


The discovery of a rural synagogue in Galilee dating from the 1st century lends support for the New Testament accounts of Jesus teaching in synagogues. For years scholars have doubted those accounts since it was hard to believe that a Jewish rabbi would allow an itinerate teacher like Jesus to come in an take over a regular worship service.  But the discovery demonstrates that the local rural synagogues were used for community meetings and for Torah readings and study. 

<Read the rest on the APOLOGETICA page>                 *Top

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-Atheists Sue KC MO Over Baptist Convention?

by Dr. D ~ August 19th, 2016


                     (Kansas City Mo: Wikipedia)

It is routine for cities to spend ‘tourist’ tax dollars (usually raised through a special extra city tax charged for hotel rooms) in attracting and accommodating major conventions. The National Baptist Convention USA  has scheduled a major  conference in Kansas City MO for September which will bring at least 10,000 visitors to the city and will be the largest convention of the year for the city.  An atheist organization has sued the city over appropriating $65,000 to help in transportation expenses for the church conference. Here’s the story from the KC Star:

A group of atheists is suing Kansas City officials over the planned use of $65,000 in tourism tax dollars for services related to a Baptist convention coming to Kansas City in September.

American Atheists Inc. and two members who live in Kansas City filed their lawsuit Friday in U.S. District Court in Kansas City. They are suing Mayor Sly James and the City Council, City Manager Troy Schulte and municipal government.

At issue is the City Council’s approval in April of $65,000 from the Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund to Modest Miles Ministries Inc. for the National Baptist Convention USA Inc., which meets Sept. 5-9 in Kansas City .

<Read the whole article>

Response: The fact is, this convention will generate tax dollars that far exceed the money that the atheists are complaining about. Also, some of this funding will be going to pay for police security and directing traffic which is needed regardless of whether a large convention is religious or secular.

What is disturbing to me is the fact that the KC Star article obviously sympathizes with the activist atheist position and demonstrates an anti-religion bias since it does not explain how normal this appropriation really is nor the fact that the city will actually gain back far more than it is spending.

Also, one could make the claim (even if it is probably ridiculous) that the atheists are being ‘racist’ since the National Baptist Convention is a historic black denomination founded in the slave era.

My question is this- How can it be a violation of ‘church and state’ if the church conference is treated the same as any other major ‘secular’ convention to the city? What would be a travesty is if church conferences were discriminated against and actually treated different.

In this case the city has merely appropriated the same perks and funding that would be expected to go along with any major convention that brings 10,000 tourists and there purses into the city. If this atheist organization could bring in 10,000 folks for a week they would undoubtedly be eligible for the same treatment and funding. This has nothing to do with church and state but everything to do with bringing in more money and major conferences to the city.               *Top

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-Air Force Officer in Trouble Over an Open Bible?

by Dr. D ~ August 19th, 2016


An Air Force officer appears to be in trouble for having an open Bible on his desk. The Bible was seized by officials investigating a complaint issued by the ironically named MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation). Here’s the story from the Blaze:

Officials at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs have removed an open Bible from a major’s desk after complaints from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Base officials also are investigating if allowing the Bible on the desk was a reasonable accommodation of the officer’s religious beliefs or if it violated the separation of church and state, the Colorado Springs Independent reported.

     “The basic premise of the Air Force instruction [on religious freedom], grounded in Department of Defense policy, grounded in law is, people have an inherent right to free exercise of religion within boundaries,”

Col. Damon Feltman, 310th Space Wing commander, told the Independent.

     “At the same time, people have freedom to be left alone. It’s finding that right balance. The challenge of the commander is to be sure both people are treated fairly.”…

Feltman told the Independent that the investigation will be conducted quickly:

     ”If a person has a Koran display or book of Satan, they’re free to have that on display and read it as long as they’re not proselytizing, trying to entice someone to their particular viewpoint.”

<Read the whole article>

Response: The MRFF complainer Mikey Weinstein demonstrates once more that his group is not really in favor of religious freedom, at least not for practicing Christians. Does an open Bible on a desk in an Air Force base actually constitute a violation of church and state? According to super sensitive Weinstein and his ilk it does.

Notice that there is no claim here that the major was actually ‘proselytizing,’ he just had an open personal Bible on his desk. Not only that, but I contend that the Obama administration policy against sharing ones faith in the military (which they call ‘proselytizing’) is itself a violation of the First Amendment. Actually our first general and Commander-in-Chief George Washington would have been in constant violation of this current policy along with many other major military leaders in American history.                *Top

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