Today, October 2, 2006, is a special day on the Biblical calendar-named Yom Kippur, or in English-’The Day of Atonement’.  It is the most important holy day of the year for Jews.  It is day when Jewish folk consider their sins, ask for forgiveness and look for ways to make amends in the year to come.  Many wear white shirts or clothes on this day to symbolize purity and to acknowledge the Biblical promise that sins will be made white as snow.  Observances  traditionally held in synagogues or temples, end with the blowing of the shofar. 

While Christians do not traditionally recognize the special days or events in the Biblical (Jewish) calendar, ‘Messianic’ Christians do, and many others are enriched by the symbols, and find significance in the times and seasons that are represented.  The Lord’s Supper and The Resurrection cannot be completely separated from ’The Passover’, and the ‘Day of Pentecost’ is one Biblical/Jewish day still recognized in the church calendar.

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