Q: If Jesus so loved Lazarus that he raised him from the dead, did he love his father Joseph less? Seeing that he did not raise him upon his passing.

A: Jesus raised a number of people from the dead–many that he did not even know–love was not the main requirement in these miracles–compassion seemed to be a major ingredient. How did Joseph die-did he get sick-or did he die of old age? Was Jesus even able to heal him at the time, or raise him from the dead? We have incomplete evidence, one way or another. Anything we do say, is merely an informed conjecture at best, and at worst–a speculative ‘argument from silence’.

Evidence= We do know that Jesus began his ministry at 30 years of age–in 1st century Judah–a man, particularly the firstborn, was obligated to serve his father until 30. Since we hear nothing of Joseph at that time, we can only infer that perhaps he had recently died. If this is the case, we can easily calculate that Joseph would have been at least 50 years old & more than likely around 60–an old age in the first century. Further, we find in John 2:11, that the ‘wedding at Cana’ is the first recorded miracle of Jesus. Also, when Jesus returned to Nazareth after doing many miracles elsewhere, they ask where he got his extraordinary wisdom & miraculous powers (See: Matt. 13:53-58)–this definitely indicates that he did not display such, while growing up.

Answer–‘informed conjecture’= Jesus began his ministry after being baptized by John. His first recorded miracle is the ‘wedding at Cana’. His hometown was surprised that he was now performing miracles. His father Joseph had already passed from the scene before these events. Therefore; we can conclude that Jesus was not performing miracles and raising the dead when Joseph passed away.

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