Q: In Gen. 9:25, Noah cursed his youngest for seeing him naked but Lot’s daughters did a lot more than that without being cursed?

Genesis 9:25: “Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be to his brothers.”-ESV

A: Was the curse on Canaan Noah’s idea or God’s—that is the question? However, most believe that a lot more was implied than spoken of in that event. In any case, I think that Noah may have over reacted here, unless he was standing at the moment as a prophet proclaiming God’s judgment on this situation.

Nevertheless, the ‘cursing’ and ‘blessings’ of ones sons was a tradition among the patriarchs that had legal and spiritual implications and reality. Noah’s cursing of his son Canaan was serious indeed, and God did usually honor these proclamations.

Note: Later, the prophets of God proclaimed numerous judgments against the descendants of Lot’s daughters -Moab and the Ammonites (Too numerous to list here).

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