According to the news reports, there were 33,000 at Qualcomm. Also, according to some, we were all bigoted anti-homosexuals there to spew out hate and to rant and rave for an entire day against same-sex marriage.

I guess that reporter must have been there between noon and 1 pm when were praying over Prop.8 on the California ballot—which would authorize marriage between a man and a woman only, and over-turn homosexual marriage in the state.

During that time we were joined by the Catholic Bishop of San Diego who had arranged for 1,500,000 Knights of Columbus who were committed to pray with us during that hour for California and Prop.8. Also,  Dr. James Dobson and his wife Shirley of Focus on the Family lead us in prayer over Prop 8 and the coming election.

However, Prop 8 was just one of the issues we prayed over yesterday at The Call. Most of the time we were praying for revival and for the whole nation.

We prayed for the election and interceded for the nation—that the Blood of Jesus would be applied and accepted as a substitute for the blood of 50 Million aborted babies–that judgment might be averted—that grace, blessing, and revival might come to America instead.

We also prayed for unity in the church and for revival to break out among the youth, particularly on college campuses.  

Among those who showed up yesterday were the a number of evangelical pastors from the San Diego area, also the usual charismatic leaders associated with TheCall were all there. However, there was also an encouraging mixture of different kinds of churches and races.

The Black church was well represented in the stadium, with a number of pastors and worship leaders who lead us in prayer and some flat out wonderful/powerful worship music–including one group who did Christian Rap–the 10,000 or so kids on the field went crazy.

Also, there were tons of Latino Christians there –at least once an hour or so a Latino pastor would lead prayer in Spanish, also some of the worship music was in Spanish and along with some bi-lingual songs.

Everywhere I looked there were Asian Christians, Korean and Chinese pastors also lead in prayer along with a number of Asian worship leaders. A huge number of Asian kids were among the 10,000 or so down on the field.

Well that is an account of the sights and sounds, GodTV covered the event live and is planning on running replays so you might be able to catch some of it.

I found the day to be invigorating for my faith and encouraging for the future of the church in California.

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