Q:  In Isaiah 7:14, the prophesy states that the Messiah will be born of a virgin and called Immanuel.  Yet Mary names her son Jesus, not Immanuel, so it would seem this prophesy was not correctly fulfilled.

A:  Mary named her son Y’shua (Joshua or Yehshua)–meaning: ‘Yahweh is Salvation’.  ‘Jesus’ is the English transliteration of the Greek form of the name.  Why did Mary name her son Jesus? Because the angel Gabriel told her too on orders from God himself (remember, angels only say and do what God specifically tells them too). Who better to know if the scriptures were fulfilled or not than God himself?

Many times, ancient Hebrews were given names that reflected and defined their character or purpose in life. Isaiah 7:14 seems to tell us that the Messiah would be called–Immanuel–meaning: ‘God with Us’. However, the same Prophet in Isaiah 9:6 tells us that his name shall be called: ‘Wonderful Counselor’, Mighty God’, ‘Everlasting Father’, and ‘Prince of Peace’.

Also, don’t forget that Jeremiah and Zechariah referred to the Messiah as: ‘The Branch’ and ‘The Root’ (Jer. 23:5, 33:15, Zech. 3:8). Then there are references to: ‘Lion of Judah’, ‘The Truth’, ‘The Word’, ‘I am”, ‘Horn of Salvation’, ‘Alpha and Omega’, ‘The Good Shepherd’, ‘The Way’, ‘The Bread of Life’, ‘Chief Cornerstone’, ‘Light of the World’. ‘The Lamb of God’, ‘The Life’, ‘The Morning Star’, ‘The Sun of Righteousness’, ‘The Resurrection and the Life’, ‘The lord of All’, and many more.

Which is the right name? All of the above fulfill some scripture or another. They are functional nicknames for the Messiah. However, the correct proper name is the one that Mary used–the one that God chose and instructed his angel to give her—Jesus.   

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