Mr. Taheri-Azar stood before a judge yesterday and proclaimed how happy he was to talk about ‘Allah’.  How did Mr. Taheri get the opportunity to proclaim his faith before a national media? –by running down 9 college students on the campus of Univ. of North Carolina.  While the national MSM (Main Stream Media) spent the last weekend pondering and asking about the motive of this event–the dirty little secret of his ‘islamic’ tie was ignored.  Fact:  Those famous Danish Cartoons were recently published in the UNC student newspaper. But the MSM can find no motive for such an action by a ‘regular’ guy working and going to school in our midst.  I submit that Mr. Tahiri is a terrorist and should be labeled as such, regardless of whether he acted alone & without any ties to a ‘terrorist’ organization.  I fear that there may be many more Tahiri’s living in our midst.

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