Re: Mark 2:2-12 Jesus heals a paralytic lowered down through the roof.

Q: Why did Jesus forgive his sins first? Just so he could make a point? Looks like what he really needed was healing.

A: When Jesus ministered to people, he did what was necessary to bring complete healing. Regardless of what all the observers might be thinking.

We live in a fallen world, all of us have sinned & sometimes our sin can get in the way of our receiving complete healing in our lives. All of us need a Savior, and we all need Jesus to forgive us. If you need Jesus to forgive your sins, just ask him now, he will forgive every mistake and every wrong thing you ever did. You only need to ask. He will be your Savior for all Eternity if you ask him. He can be your greatest friend. Just ask him now!

We don’t know the background of the paralyzed man, we only know his physical problems, and those there could only see his need for physical relief. When the physical healing did come-everyone rejoiced and glorified God. Only Jesus knows your real needs today, just ask him.

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